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Forced2Please: Explanation

This website was originally established in 2014, soon after the store of the same name was set up on Clips4Sale. The plan was to do what I usually do, which is to offer a cheaper alternative to C4S. This did not work out at the time because I used the word "forced" in the website name. I assumed, naively, that if this category is acceptable on Clips4Sale, it ought to be acceptable elsewhere. Wrong. Had I called the website something else it would probably have passed inspection, but by then the name Forced2Please was becoming established and it seemed like a bad idea to change it.

Fast forward almost four years. I decided on a new venture where girls perform acts of strip tease, willingly undressing for the person before them, that person often the camera (POV videos). This store ( was approved with no trouble at all. That's when the idea occurred that the forced stripping videos could also be included in the same store, but without drawing attention to the forced element. Finally, this Forced2Please website could become a viable entity!

It is set up exactly like my other ventures (Bound2Burst, Beauties in Bondage, Undress4Me), but the links point to the store at If you get lost in that store, just look for the link F2P on the top menu and it will put you back in the right area. That said, making your purchases via the links on this website will make navigation a lot easier for you.

Enjoy the site, and please feel free to send feedback.
Dave North.

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