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Forced2Please: Just Added (10 September 2020)
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Forced2Please: Recently Added (September 2020)

Niki Lee Young
Niki Lee Young: F2P - Strip For Bondage
F2P - Strip For Bondage (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 28 seconds
Niki has been captured by a man who won't explain why he has taken her. He forces her to take off all her clothes then begins to tie her naked body with ropes - first her wrists behind her back, then her ankles and thighs, followed by making her kneel down so that he can wrap more rope around her waist and chest. Niki keeps begging him to let her go, so to silence her he stuffs a cloth into her mouth before wrapping duct tape around her head, sealing the cloth in and preventing her from speaking. To add to her discomfort, Niki is then secured in a hogtie before being left to struggle. Her nipples stand up, suggesting she is either cold or slightly aroused by her predicament, and it really is a predicament because she can't get free.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 416.4 MB
Niki Lee Young
Niki Lee Young: F2P - Robbed
F2P - Robbed (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 05 seconds
Niki leaves her house heading for her can and work. She climbs in to the driver's seat, just the start of another day. Then, behind her, an unexpected voice speaks. Niki jumps and turns, startled to find a man on the back seat. He is armed and he says he wants her car, but not before he watches her strip off all her clothes in front of him. Niki wants nothing more than to jump out of the vehicle and run, but she does not dare risk it. Instead, she reluctantly takes off her clothes, at least down to her bra and panties. The man insists that she take those off too, and once Niki is complete naked he moves closer and looks her up and down while she sits squirming in discomfort. Finally, he tells her she can get out and he will take the car. Niki willingly complies and runs back towards her house before anyone else sees her naked.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 273.6 MB
Tilly McReese
Tilly McReese: F2P - The Next Victim
F2P - The Next Victim (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 51 seconds
The clothesjacker is back and he has a new victim! Unsuspecting Tilly is planning to call on her friend Niki, unaware that she is out. As she pulls up in the driveway, an armed man appears at her passenger's window and orders her to turn off the car engine. Tilly stares at him uncomprehending for a few seconds, then as the reality of her situation sinks in, she panics and starts to call out. The clothesjacket quietens her down and tells her what he wants - her clothing. ALL of it. Initially, Tilly refuses to obey him, but it soon becomes clear that he really means business. Slowly, reluctantly, she starts to take off her clothes, starting with her blouse and then her skirt, revealing sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. The clothesjacker likes what he sees and forces her to carry on stripping until she in naked. Tilly makes a futile attempt to keep her breasts and pussy covered, but that won't last for long. The clothesjacker orders her to climb out of the car, then he marches her stark naked to a seat on the edge of the woods, not more than fifty yards from a hiking trail. If any hikers should chance along now, they would see a naked girl sitting in the woods, her face flushed with embarrassment. More of a concern to her is what this man is going to make her do next!

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 274.6 MB

Tilly McReese
Tilly McReese: F2P - Up For Auction
F2P - Up For Auction (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 13 seconds
Tilly has been grabbed as a cute girl who ought to fetch a lot at auction. Her captor secures her to a pole in his basement, wrists handcuffed and the handcuffs attached to the pole with a zip tie; her own stockings are tied around her neck to stop her bending forward, and her ankles are held in a zip tie. Tilly is gagged but it does not stop her crying out for help or talking to the man who took her when he enters the room. He explains that he has a potential buyer for her, but the man wants to see more of her before making his bid. Rather than risk releasing his captive to remove her clothes, the man uses a pair of scissors to cut them off, first the top (making holes where Tilly's breasts go), then the skirt, and finally her panties. The man now takes a series of photographs of his completely naked prisoner to send to the buyer. After he leaves the room, Tilly goes on struggling without hope of escape and calling out for someone to help her.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 519.9 MB
Jade Indica
Jade Indica: F2P - Clothing Adjustment
F2P - Clothing Adjustment (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 59 seconds
Jade is being held prisoner by a man who doesn't want to see her wearing clothes, so with her restrained he begins cutting them off her, starting with her dress. He first shortens the dress into a mini and then cuts and rips it off completely. Along the way, Jade keeps objecting, so her captor decides to silence her with rather a lot of duct tape wrapped over her mouth and round the back of her neck. With the girl quietened down a little, he continues snipping away and tearing at her clothes, cutting off her bra, pantyhose and panties until Jade is wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and the remnants of her hose, looking for all the world like little black socks. Satisfied with his prisoner's new look, the man departs for a while, but naturally he promises to return later. jade, unable to escape, if forced to stand there in the nude.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 384.2 MB
Jessica & Jasmine St James
Jessica & Jasmine St James: F2P - Escaped Convict
F2P - Escaped Convict (MP4)
Time: 5 minutes 03 seconds
Jessica is out jogging through the woods to keep fit, unaware that just ahead of her escaped convict Jasmine is lurking behind a tree. As Jessica passes her hiding place, Jasmine jumps out and grabs the woman, threatening her harm if she does not do as she is told. The orange DOC suit informs Jessica that she is face to face with a criminal, perhaps a dangerous one, so when jasmine demands that she take off her clothes, she complies. As Jessica undresses, Jasmine sheds her orange suit and starts putting on the jogger's clothing. In a final act of meanness, Jasmine makes Jessica take off her panties, saying she will use them to help through her pursuers off the scent. She then runs off with a naked Jessica calling after her. As Jasmine recedes into the distance, Jessica turns and continues her journey home, hoping now that she will not meet anyone else on the way.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 196.0 MB

Jessica & Jasmine St James
Jessica & Jasmine St James: F2P - Forced to Strip
F2P - Forced to Strip (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 51 seconds
Jessica is relaxing in front of the TV unaware that Jasmine is sneaking up behind her. Jasmine clamps a hand over Jessica's mouth and orders her not to make a sound when it is removed. She marches Jessica into the kitchen and instructs her to take off her clothes. When she has her victim naked, Jasmine makes her lie on the floor and then proceeds to tie her up and gag her. Jasmine then takes photos with her phone and tells Jessica to stay put while she sends them to her buyer, telling her about what she will be buying with the proceeds when she gets paid. (Jasmine performs all of the tying on-screen, demonstrating how far she has come. She plays the antagonist well).

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 420.4 MB
Jessica: F2P - The Stripped Detective
F2P - The Stripped Detective (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 48 seconds
Jessica is a detective sent to arrest a jewel thief at his home. She knocks on the door like any visitor might and gets the suspect to let her in. At that point, Jessica tells him he is under arrest and tries to handcuff him, but he spins quickly around and disarms her, grabbing her and forcing her to sit down on a chair. He immediately begins to pull off her clothes, so violently that he almost tears them. Jessica resists but he is too strong and can do nothing to prevent him stripping her. Once she is completely naked and humiliated, he takes up the handcuffs she tried to use on him and places them on the detective's wrists, making her his prisoner. He touches her legs and breasts, telling her that he is going to invite some of his buddies over and that they are going to have some fun with her. When he leaves the room, not realizing he has left his cellphone on the table, Jessica slides over to it and tries to call for help. Alas, the phone is locked and she can't get a call out. Moments later, the suspect discovers what she is doing and takes the phone away, leaving the naked detective sitting on the chair in her own handcuffs, struggling but helpless. This is one arrest that went horribly wrong; all she can do now is hope that her colleagues will notice her absence and come looking for her.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 338.8 MB
Jessica: F2P - Stripped & Handcuffed
F2P - Stripped & Handcuffed (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 56 seconds
Jessica arrives home from work to encounter a man waiting for her. He is armed and holds her up as she climbs from her vehicle. He mutters something about her having humiliated him at some time in the past, then he proceeds to strip her before placing her in handcuffs. Jessica watches helplessly as the man picks up her clothes and shoes, drops them in her car and then drives the vehicle away, leaving her stranded outside her house. She goes around the house trying the doors, hoping she has left one of them unlocked, but they are all secure, even the garage doors. Jessica feels exposed and humiliated, aware that her only way out of this predicament is for someone to find her and help help, but oh, how embarrassing that moment is going to be.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 344.5 MB

Autumn Bodell
Autumn Bodell: F2P - Grounded
F2P - Grounded (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 36 seconds
Autumn is an Air Force pilot who is running late, and it is the day of an important test flight. While she is rushing to get ready to leave her house, an intruder holds her up and orders her to take off her uniform - he needs it for his accomplice who will attempt to take Autumn's place. Autumn objects, telling the man he will never get away with it, but he forces her to undress, removing even her bra and panties. When he has all of her clothes, the man handcuffs Autumn to the cooker's oven handle to prevent her reaching the phone and raising the alarm. Autumn is more resourceful than he gives her credit for, however.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 333.1 MB
Autumn Bodell
Autumn Bodell: F2P - Do You Want That Promotion?
F2P - Do You Want That Promotion? (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 35 seconds
Autumn has just arrived home after a long day at the office where she has been interviewed for promotion to head of her own department. Unfortunately, the final word on whether she gets the job or not rests on a recommendation from her current boss, a man she finds a pain in the ass to work for. When she turned around and finds him sitting on one of her living room chairs, she is at first startled and then annoyed, demanding to know how he got into her house. He reminds her that her promotion is in his hands, and in return he wants her to take off all her clothes in front of him. Autumn can't believe this is happening. She wants to lose her temper and throw him out, but she wants that promotion so badly. Hardly able to believe she is doing this, she takes off her clothes in front of him, and he won't let her stop a her underwear. When Autumn is completely naked, she tells him he can go home now, but he is in no hurry. In order to cement the deal, she needs to do just one more thing for him, which involves getting down on her knees.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 331.2 MB
Autumn Bodell
Autumn Bodell: F2P - Who Put You Up To This?
F2P - Who Put You Up To This? (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 09 seconds
Autumn is just getting ready to go out for the evening. The last thing she expects is to find a work colleague at her front door. It's one of her bosses and he says he needs to talk to her. Autumn is anxious to get going but says she can spare a few minutes. It turns out that her visitor is one of the people who will vote on her pending promotion the next day, and he tells her that if she wants his vote (and frankly she needs it since the panel is split fifty-fifty) she needs to undress and stand before him naked. Autumn laughs, assuming this is some kind of prank. She asks, "Who put you up to this?" It soon becomes clear that the guy is totally serious, and Autumn has to face the real possibility that she will have to get naked in front of him to secure her promotion, always assuming he keeps his word. Seeing no other way around the situation, Autumn reluctantly starts to peels off her clothes...

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 315.5 MB

Tara & Constance
Tara & Constance: F2P - The Office Thief
F2P - The Office Thief (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 12 seconds
Tara has been called into Constance's office and accused of intellectual theft, selling secrets to a rival company. Tara denies this but Constance says her actions have been captured on CCTV. She orders Tara to strip, convinced that the girl is carrying a flash drive containing the latest batch of confidential files she is preparing to sell. Tara resists, but when Constance threatens to call the police she relents. As she strips, it becomes clear that the missing flash drive is hidden in her panties. Constance takes it and tells Tara she is going to put her in tuff cuffs and march her through the outer office naked before calling in the police to arrest her. Tara calls her boss a bitch and threatens to get back at her for this. Later in the day, after the police have released Tara owing to compromised evidence, Tara bursts into Constance's office and she is armed. She want revenge for the way her ex-boss humiliated her and now she plans to do the same to her. After retrieving the flash drive and concealing on her person once more, Tara forces a frightened Constance to remove all her clothes, then secures her wrists in plastic cuffs and makes her march through the office naked.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 702.9 MB
Tara: F2P - Waylaid
F2P - Waylaid (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 04 seconds
Tara has been driving along a country lane for some time and now it has come to an end. Her GPS software is out of date and doesn't show the road at all, and her cellphone battery is flat. She is hopelessly lost. Then she sees what she thinks is salvation in the form of a man apparently tending a garden, here in the middle of nowhere. It's a bit strange but Tara so desperately needs help that she doesn't question it. The man appears helpful at first, until he establishes that no one knows where she is, then he holds her up and makes her step out of the car. His intention is to steal her money and any valuables she may be carrying, but when it turns out that she carries plastic and very little cash, he decides to have some fun with her instead. He forces her to take off her clothes in front of him, handing over blouse, skirt, tights, bra and panties, until she stands there completely naked. Anything might happen to her now, but the man decides to just take her things and her car and leave her stranded with no clothes and no idea where she is. Tara helplessly watches as the man drives away in her car back the way she came. Surrounded by forest and with no one around to help her, what is the poor girl to do now?

1920x1080 - MP4: 425.3 MB
Tara: F2P - Late With Her Rent
F2P - Late With Her Rent (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 53 seconds
Tara has come to talk to her landlord because she is three months behind with her rent and can't find a job. She offers her services as a domestic to help reduce the debt she owes, but her landlord is not interested in that kind of help. He warns her that he will evict her unless she does what he says. Tara, who has nowhere else to go, has no choice but to go along with whatever the man wants. He orders her to start taking off her clothes, first her jacket, then her dress, then after making her do some turns so that he can look at her butt, he makes her remove her pantyhose, bra and panties. He then rises from his chair and begins feeling her breasts, holding her nipples between this and forefinger. He gropes her stomach and thighs, then squeezes both cheeks of her butt. Tara is distressed but has no choice but to let him have his way otherwise she knows she will end up out on the street. Finally, her landlord sits back down and orders Tara to feel her own breasts. At last, he is satisfied and say he's looking forward to her next visit. Tara, anxious to get away, does not even bother to put her clothes back on and runs from the house stark naked.

1280x720 - MP4: 871.6 MB

Tara: F2P - Snooty Shop Girl
F2P - Snooty Shop Girl (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 26 seconds
Tara works in a department store in the perfume section, and like most of the women who occupy these positions, she has a superior attitude and sneers at people who don't look as if they can afford the prices. When two rough looking men in baggy shorts start perusing her wares, she becomes irate and tells them to leave. Arriving home after a long, tiring day, she is startled to have the same two men walk into her home and begin accosting her. They didn't like the way she tried to humiliate them in public, so now they have come to humiliate her in private. This humiliation takes the form of having these retards remove her clothes for her, cutting them off and tearing them off until the poor woman is stark naked and thoroughly embarrassed. They now have just one problem - the moment they leave, Tara will call the cops. To delay that happening, they decide to take her down to her basement to see if there is some place they can lock her in while they get well away from her house. To their amusement and surprise, they find a bed with restraints attached. It seems the snoopy shop girls likes to indulge in bondage in her spare time. Happy to oblique her, the two men chain her naked body to the bed. They are about to leave when one of them has the idea of finding out if she is ticklish. This begins another chapter in Tara's discomfort and humiliation.

1920x1080 - MP4: 439.0 MB
Tara: F2P - Mannequin
F2P - Mannequin (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 13 seconds
Tara's car has broken down and she is not getting any cellphone reception, so she goes to a nearby house to ask if she can use a phone. The man who greets her seems friendly and helpful, inviting her in to his living room and leaving her there while he ostensibly goes to get her a phone. Tara is quite relaxed and not on her guard, so she does not expect the man to sneak up behind her and grab her, then inject her in the neck with something he later refers to as "his new formula". Tara tries to fight the effects but in a matter of seconds she is paralyzed. The little man circles her with delight, feeling her breasts and stroking her hair. He decides to undress her and manages to work off her jacket and sweater, and then her bra. Now he is really getting excited. He sits the frozen Tara on the floor to remove her boots, then stands her back up so that he can take off her skirt, her tights and finally her panties. He plans to dress Tara in different outfits, but for the moment, he decides to place his naked mannequin on his front porch while he goes to get some new clothes for her.

1920x1080 - MP4: 394.0 MB
Monica Jade
Monica Jade: F2P - You Must Disrobe
F2P - You Must Disrobe (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 29 seconds
Monica enters a room in her house and finds a man there looking through her stuff. He is armed and clearly dangerous so Monica raises her hands and backs away from him. He tells her that he is an escaped convict, and that he has a female companion waiting outside in a car wearing an orange DOC jumpsuit. Before they can make good their escape, the woman needs some proper clothes. He tells Monica she is about the same size as his friend and that he wants her clothes, all of them. Monica offers to get clothes from her wardrobe but the man tells her he doesn't want her going elsewhere in the house in case there is a phone of something worse that she might get to. Instead, he makes her strip off the clothes she is wearing. Once Monica is naked, he needs to stop her raising the alarm too quickly, so he orders her out onto her elevated deck and locks the door behind her. Monica tries the door quickly in case a nearby resident should see her naked, but she can't get in. As humiliating as the prospect is, she has no choice but to wait on the deck until someone finds her.

1280x720 - MP4: 366.5 MB

Monica Jade
Monica Jade: F2P - Thief
F2P - Thief (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 49 seconds
Monica has recently been to a party at a neighbor's house and noticed a trinket that she really covets. When she believes the house is empty, she lets herself in and takes the item, stuffing it into her bra before she tries to leave the house. As she opens the front door, she comes face to face with the owner who demands to know what she is doing inside his home. Monica is flustered and tries on several unconvincing lies, but the guy has heard rumors about Monica and her light-fingered habits. He threatens to call the cops unless she takes off her clothes to demonstrate that she has not stolen anything. Naturally, the trinket is discovered. The guy makes Monica strip completely, then offers her a choice - the cops, or leave the house naked with her clothes in her arms.

1280x720 - MP4: 339.1 MB
Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - Mistaken Identity
F2P - Mistaken Identity (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 40 seconds
A client has hired a mercenary to grab a woman and keep her hostage until he has the time to attend to her. Owing to a mix up in the address, the mercenary grabs the wrong woman. She keeps insisting that she has no idea what is going on, and when the mercenary calls the client he says that the woman he wants is still at large. The mercenary takes a photo of Cadence and sends it to the client, who confirms that this is indeed the wrong woman. The mercenary needs to grab the right woman and take her somewhere discrete, but he knows if he lets Cadence go she will run straight to the authorities. She keeps insisting that she won't rat him out, but of course he is not going to believe that. He offers her three choices - lead poisoning (a permanent solution); leave her tied up and gagged, or have her strip naked so that she is reluctant to run up the street to get help. Very reluctantly, Cadence decides on the last of these options. She really doesn't want to take her clothes off in front of this man, but at the same time she realizes she has no choice, that to refuse would only lead to something worse happening to her. Slowly, she removes gloves, jacket, shoes, stockings, and after some stalling her dress. Standing before the mercenary now in just bra and panties, she makes a last attempt to change his mind, but he insists that she remove everything. As the bra and panties fall away, Cadence stands embarrassed and humiliated in front of his man who has turned her world upside down. She can't believe it when he insists that she goes outside in the freezing cold where snow is falling, just so that he can make her suffer a little more.

1280x720 - MP4: 410.1 MB
Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - What Do You Look Like Naked?
F2P - What Do You Look Like Naked? (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 59 seconds
Cadence arrives home from work and enters her home. A minute later, a knock comes on the front door and she answers it, to be confronted by Greg, one of her work colleagues. She asks him what he is doing here, and he admits to following her home. She asks him why, wondering if there was something important they left undone at the office. He says it isn't that, some a little bit warily Cadence invites him in to talk. She quickly regrets this when Greg starts talking about how he has always wanted to see her naked. Before she can ask him to leave, however, Greg reveals himself to be armed and she instinctively raises her hands, trying to reason with him. But Greg is not listening to reason; all he wants her to do is take her clothes off in front of him. Unable to see that she has any other choice, Cadence complies, as slowly as she dare, wondering what this man will do once she is completely naked.

1280x720 - MP4: 500.6 MB

Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - I Can't Pay You
F2P - I Can't Pay You (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 44 seconds
Cadence is just chilling with an old friend, catching up on what's been happening since they last met. It's all very relaxing until the friend brings up the subject of money that Cadence still owes him after sixteen months, and he claims that he now needs it. Cadence looks very sheepish and admits that she still can't pay him. She asks for still more time, and is surprised when her friend says he will grant her the extra time if she will let him see her naked. At first, she thinks he means for her to send him photos of her nude, but he explains that what he wants is to see her naked in the flesh, and asks her to strip off in front of him. Cadence looks quite shocked and doesn't know how to deal with this awkward situation. Still, the guy has been a good friend for years, but that somehow just makes it even more embarrassing. Since she really doesn't have the money to pay him back, she feels that she has no choice and stands up to start undressing. She feels herself blushing and pulls at her sweater, reluctant to go any farther but knowing that she really has no choice.

1920x1080 - MP4: 375.2 MB
Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P -  Robbery
F2P - Robbery (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 28 seconds
A thief enters Cadence's home and holds her up. He demands to know where she keeps her valuables. When she says she doesn't have any, he laughs and tells her that if she wants to play games, she can strip off her clothes. Cadence refuses but under duress, realizes she has no choice other than to comply. As each item of clothing is removed, she tries to plead with the thief, telling him to take her money and just leave, but he doesn't plan to let her off that easily. He makes her keep going until she is completely naked. Now he needs somewhere to stash her so that she can't alert the police. He can't believe his luck when, in another room, he comes across a bed with handcuffs attached. He laughs and remarks, "So you're onto bondage eh? That's good." He makes Cadence lie on a bed and cuffs her wrists and ankles. He leaves her there while he goes to empty her safe, then comes back to grope her before he departs. Cadence writhes helplessly, trying to deflect his attentions, but naked and restrained, there is little she can do.

1280x720 - MP4: 293.9 MB
Sarah Brooke
Sarah Brooke: F2P -  The Professor
F2P - The Professor (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 35 seconds
Sarah is a successful business woman whose step-sister is at law school training to become a lawyer. She has recently failed a paper which will greatly affect the annual performance, and Sarah believes it is because her professor has some personal grudge against her. She arrives at his home and demands a few minutes of his time. She lays out her beliefs that the professor deliberately failed the girl, but he insists that her performance was poor and the grade was just. Sarah points out that her step-sister will be thrown out of school if the grade is not improved, and she tries to persuade the professor to re-think his attitude and give a better grade for the paper. The professor is adamant that Sarah's step-sister doesn't deserve a revised grade, but he is willing to give her one if Sarah will strip off in front of him.

1920x1080 - MP4: 330.5 MB

Sarah Brooke
Sarah Brooke: F2P -  Down On Her Luck
F2P - Down On Her Luck (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 27 seconds
Sarah has been unemployed for a while and is getting herself into financial difficulties, so she turns to a relative whom she knows has plenty of money and asks for a loan. At first, he is reluctant to help her, pointing out that everyone promises to repay loans but far from every one does so. When he proposes that Sarah take off her clothes so that he may see her naked, she becomes indignant and storms out, but her desperate situation compels her to return. She finds it so difficult to start undressing, until her relative starts to help her. From that point on, she knows she has to go through with this. She is mortified when he starts taking photographs of her with hardly anything on, but if she wants that loan she has to tolerate whatever he wants to do. When she is totally naked, he comes close to her, making Sarah shiver. Just when she thinks he is going to renage on the deal, he asks her if he wants check or cash.

1920x1080 - MP4: 362.8 MB
Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov
Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov: F2P - The Girls From Work
F2P - The Girls From Work (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 55 seconds
Dave is tired of being mocked by Lea and Vonka, two of his work colleagues who seem to find him amusing, though not in a nice way. He has even asked Vonka out a few times but she has always refused him. He can't imagine why, unless she and Lea have something going on. To find out, he breaks into Lea's home and waits for her to come home. Sure enough, she turns up with Vonka. Since neither of them is interested in him, Dave decides that he wants to see these snooty girls humiliated. He holds them up and orders them to take off their clothes. Naturally, they refuse, but when it becomes clear that Dave may not be entirely stable, they reluctantly start to comply with his wishes. They battle him over every garment, but little by little he makes them remove their sweaters, skirts, pantyhose and stockings, and finally their bras and panties. He photographs them while they stand there helplessly looking on, and cringe when he threatens to post the pictures of them cuddling naked at work. They both order him to get out, but a now happy Dave suggests that they may like to do this again sometime.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 373.7 MB
Lea Hart
Lea Hart: F2P - You Cut Me Off
F2P - You Cut Me Off (MP4)
Time: 4 minutes 11 seconds
Lea has made the mistake of cutting off a driver on the freeway in her rush to get to work. She does not expect him to pursue her and snatch her. Now she finds herself at his home, and he is threatening her. He warns her that if she wants to leave his property in one piece, she will have to take off all her clothes in front of him, and then depart naked. Lea tries to reason with this irate individual but he will not calm down. For her own safety, she removes her shoes and pantyhose, then her dress followed by her bra and panties until she is wearing nothing at all. Now the man is willing to let her go, but it's pouring with rain and cold outside. If she wants to get away, Lea has no choice but to leave without her clothes.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 180.6 MB

Lea Hart
Lea Hart: F2P - You Outbid Me
F2P - You Outbid Me (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 20 seconds
Lea often visits auctions to bid on items she would like for her collection, but time and time again some old bastard outbids her and she loses her prize. But not this time. The old guy has outbid her on a 16th century writing bureau, a very rare piece, and lea is not prepared to let the matter rest. She borrows some additional funds and visits the old guy's house, offering to purchase the bureau from him for ten percent over and above what he paid for it. The old guy is amused that Lea wants the bureau so badly and asks her if she knows something about it that he doesn't. Lea is evasive which only piques his interest further. At first he says he won't part with the item, but then he decides to see just how badly Lea really wants it. He tells her he will sell it to her if she is willing to take off all her clothes in front of him. Lea tells him that is not happening, so he shows her the door and bids her good-day. Lea relents; she desperately wants to bureau, so garment by garment, she peels off her clothes, pausing at her bra and panties and hoping this will be enough for the old pervert, but he wants to see her completely naked. When she is totally nude, the old bastard sniggers and says he has changed his mind. Lea, now furious, dresses herself and is preparing to leave when he tells her he will sell her the bureau after all, provided she is willing to strip for a second time.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 512.1 MB
Linh: F2P - Babysitter's Nightmare
F2P - Babysitter's Nightmare (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 05 seconds
Linh has performed babysitting for her neighbor Stephanie many times before. It always goes smoothly and it is easy money for an evening of snacking and watching TV... except on this particular evening. Linh hears the front door open and close but does not get up from her chair since she assumes it is Stephanie returning early. She almost jumps out of her skin when a man grabs her hair and leans over her, and he is armed. He orders Linh to turn off the TV and stand up. He takes her seat then tells her to undress. Linh clearly does not want to take her clothes off, but the man threatens her and she has no choice. She tries to undress slowly hoping he might lose interest, but he warns her that if she doesn't hurry up he will give her a hand. Linh soon stands before him naked. She hopes that this nightmare will end there, but it doesn't. The man orders her to sit on her lap! Linh does so, waiting for him to start groping her, but instead he turns the TV back on and starts watching it with her, making Linh feed him a snack while urging her to have some too. Maybe babysitting is not such a cushy number after all!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 272.6 MB
Linh: F2P - Cat Burglar
F2P - Cat Burglar (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 28 seconds
Linh is a catburglar who breaks into houses during the day when the owners are at work. She enters a house on this day, unseen, or so she thinks, and begins searching through drawers looking for valuables. She finds a jewelry box in one of the bedrooms and begins looking through for worthwhile acquisitions, unaware that someone has followed her in to the house and is now standing in the doorway, armed. Linh suddenly realizes that she is not alone. The man is the house owner and he has caught her red-handed. In is ready to call the cops when Linh pleads with him not to do that, pointing out that she has not actually stolen anything. The man points out that she would have done had he not intervened, so he strikes a bargain with her: if she will take off her boots and catsuit, and bra and panties if she is wearing them, so that she is completely naked, he may reconsider. Linh resists but her options are very limited. The man unzips her catsuit for her and threatens to finish the job if she does not continue, so she does. Once she is naked, the man produces a pair of handcuffs from his bedside drawer and orders her to put them on. He makes Linh sit on the bed, then he takes her clothes and locks her in as he goes off to call the cops.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 526.4 MB

Linh: F2P - Flight Attendant
F2P - Flight Attendant (MP4)
Time: 4 minutes 22 seconds
Linh arrives home from the airport and is looking forward to some down time. Unfortunately, she discovers that she has locked herself out of the house and realizes that she left her house keys in her locker. Hoping to find something open, she starts walking around to the back of the house, only to come face to face with an armed man. At first, she thinks he is a burglar, but it transpires that he actually wants her to take off her uniform and give it to him. Linh can't believe this is happening to her but she has no choice other than to comply with his instructions. To add insult to injury, he takes her car as well as her clothes, leaving Linh stuck outside in the nude.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 167.6 MB
Jennifer: F2P - The Burglar
F2P - The Burglar (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 41 seconds
Jennifer arrives home from work to be met by an intruder in her house and he is armed. He says that he has been waiting for her so that she can show him where her valuables are stored. Reluctantly, Jennifer takes him to her dressing room and pulls her jewelry from its box, placing it in a bag for the burglar. Not content with taking her belongings, the man decides he wants to have some fun with Jennifer before he leaves. He orders her to remove her clothes while he watches. Jennifer desperately wants to resist but clearly the man means business. She starts to strip, taking off her jacket, blouse and skirt. Naturally, the intruder wants her to remove her bra and panties too. Once she is naked and he is done admiring her, he says he would like a cup of coffee before he departs, and she has to make it for him. Again, Jennifer complies with his wishes, which including sitting on the floor in the nude while the man drinks his coffee and stares at her.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 372.3 MB
Jennifer: F2P - Landlord's Ploy
F2P - Landlord's Ploy (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 19 seconds
In these hard financial times, there seem to be no end of women unable to pay their rent. Jennifer is the next to find herself in this position. She tries to negotiate with her landlord but he is adamant there is only one way she can keep her tenancy, and this is to take off all her clothes in front of him. Faced with little choice unless she wants to end up on the street, Jennifer does as she is told and starts to strip. She keeps hoping her landlord will change his mind before she is completely naked, but of course he doesn't. She also hopes that it will all be over quickly, but when the man tells her to lie down on the floor so that he can look at her nude body, she realizes that deferring her rent is not going to be easy at all.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 282.8 MB

Jennifer: F2P - She Was Just Relaxing
F2P - She Was Just Relaxing (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 00 seconds
Jennifer has just arrived home from a busy day at the office. There is nothing she wants more than to just relax in her little retreat she has created for herself at home to help her unwind. Her relaxation soon ends when an armed man bursts into the room and orders her to take off all her clothes. Jennifer is so shocked that she is almost speechless. She realizes she has no choice but to comply with the man's instructions and begins to remove her dress. She does this as slowly as she dare but there is no way out of her predicament. Soon, the man is making her remove her bra and panties, then tells her she can sit back on her sun chair. He produces a pair of handcuffs and attaches her to the arm of the chair. His real purpose is to rob Jennifer of her valuables, and this way he makes sure that, first, she can't call the police, and second, by rendering her naked, she will be far less likely to alert her neighbors in a hurry, giving him plenty of time to get away with her belongings. Trapped in cuffs, Jennifer has to choose when to raise the alarm by screaming for help, knowing that she will suffer acute embarrassment when one of her neighbors arrives.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 309.3 MB
Jennifer: F2P - Rough Landing
F2P - Rough Landing (MP4)
Time: 6 minutes 31 seconds
Flight Attendant Jennifer is just arriving home after a long, international trip when she encounters an armed man outside her house. All she wants is to get inside, take a hot bath and shake off the fatigue of travel, but it is not to be. The man makes her stand out in the garden, explaining that he needs her uniform for his partner to wear in order to impersonate her that evening. Jennifer is bewildered and can hardly believe her ears when the man orders her to take off her clothes. All of them. Not knowing how to react, Jennifer, embarrassed, starts to undress. She removes her blouse and skirt, and is then made to take off her pantyhose, her bra and finally her panties. The man makes her back up a little so that he can retrieve the clothes. Jennifer just wants him to leave, but he says that he is waiting for his partner to arrive and climb into the uniform. In the meantime, he plans to make Jennifer stand there in front of him, naked and humiliated. He keeps telling her to put her arms down so that he can take a good look at her, but she repeatedly tries to cover herself to ease her embarrassment.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 252.4 MB

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