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Forced2Please: Four in One Collections
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Forced2Please: Four in One Collections

Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Rachel Adams
Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Rachel Adams, Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: F2P - Four in One: Volume 17
F2P - Four in One: Volume 17 (MP4)
Time: 40 minutes 42 seconds
1. Vonka Romanov & Cadence Lux: Naked in the Snow
16 minutes 01 seconds
Jasmine and Asher have a very perverted idea of fun. They like to intercept girls and make them remove their clothes, primarily so that Jasmine can steal them. On this occasion, they have intercepted Cadence on Vonka just before they got to their car to go out, forcing them around to the back of the house and making them stand in the snow. Jasmine is excited by their outfits and she and Asher tell the girls to undress. It's below freezing and the snow is icy; the last thing Cadence and Vonka want to do is remove their clothes. When they hesitate, the crazy couple decide to help them out, pulling off their coats for a better look at their victims. Cadence tells them to just take their money and Vonka offers her car, but Jasmine is far more interested in making her remove her dress. Asher, meanwhile, is undressing Vonka. Soon, the two girls are standing there in only bra and panties. It isn't long before Jasmine wants these too. The last things the couple take from the two girls are their shoes, leaving them standing barefoot in the snow. Cadence and Vonka are shaking with the cold, huddling up to one another from time to time in an effort to stay warm, but it's not working. The girls have to watch as Jasmine changes her clothes, donning all of Cadence's garments. When Jasmine and Asher prepare to leave, Cadence says, "Are you just going to leave us here, with no clothes or shoes." Jasmine just keeps them waiting for a while longer. Before departing, Jasmine calls back to them, "It's really cold out here. You guys should get some clothes." (This clip should only have been about ten minutes long, but Jasmine was enjoying herself so much that she went into mega-bitch mode, keeping poor Cadence and Vonka standing there naked twice as long as we planned. The girls rushed indoors when filming was over and lay down on the floor with their feet up against a radiator. And they thought Jasmine was such a nice girl when they first met her!).

2. Rachel Adams: It Wasn't Me
10 minutes 41 seconds
Sometimes, a cop has the enviable job of calling on a young woman who has been irrefutably caught break the law. In this case, he has called on Rachel Adams who has been caught on CCTV stealing clothes from a department store, the very clothes she is still wearing. It is the cop's job to seize those clothes as evidence for the prosecution when her case goes to court. One way to ensure that the clothes are obtained without damage is to make her remove them while he looks on. Rachel insists that she is innocent, declaring, "It wasn't me." The cop has seen the security footage and is absolutely convinced it was her. He forces her to strip out of all her clothes, then handcuffs her wrists together behind her back. He gathers up the clothes in order to take them out to his cruiser and place them in an evidence bag. He orders Rachel not to attempt running away, not that she is likely to flee into the street while naked and handcuffed. Grumbling to herself, she tries to get out of the cuffs in the cop's absence, but she can't. She knows she has been caught and sits down, waiting somewhat irritably for the officer's return.

3. Hannah Perez: Shoplifting Again
7 minutes 28 seconds)
Hannah has been shoplifting again, this time from a department store called Marcy's. She does not realize that she was seen on closed-circuit TV, leaving the store without paying. The cops are called, and Hannah is soon forced to pull over onto the shoulder. A cop comes up to her window and asks to see her driver's license and registration. She can only produce the registration document which does help her case. When she asks what is wrong, the officer explains that she is wearing stolen clothes. He makes her step out of the vehicle and undress so that he can bag and tag the clothing as evidence. Hannah pleads with him not to make her do this on the roadside but the cop is adamant. She gets angry and pushes him, escalating the situation. The cop is now becoming angry and orders her to strip. With great reluctance, Hannah complies. When she is finally naked, the cop handcuffs her and marches her away to his cruiser.

4. Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: Take Off Your Clothes
7 minutes 30 seconds
Becky and Sara Liz are just hanging out in the kitchen, Becky texting and Sara washing dishes, when a man bursts into the house and holds them up. The girls huddle together as the man threatens them, ordering them to take off all their clothes. Mystified, they start to undress, wondering what the world is coming to - there was a time when people broke into houses to steal valuables, but these days there seems to be a spate of robberies involving clothing. The girls are forced to strip and place their clothes in a plastic bag for the thief to take away with him. They watch as he departs, inviting him not to come back.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,869.1 MB)
Lea Hart, Maci Wilde
Jade Indica & Kim Chi

F2P - Four in One: Volume 16 (MP4)
Time: 40 minutes 42 seconds
1. Lea Hart: In Trouble With The Law
8 minutes 29 seconds
Lea has been treating herself to some leather gear for the holidays. The only trouble is, she didn't pay for it! When a cop arrives at her door because she was caught on video stealing from a local clothes store, and the staff recognized her, she tries to shut the door in his face. The cop pushes his way in and tells her that he is placing her under arrest. He calls for transport with a female police officer, but in the meantime he informs Lea that she cannot continue to wear stolen garments. He might have been kind and allowed her to simply go and change, but he decides to make an example of her and orders her to strip off in front of him. Lea objects and claims that her civil rights are being violated, but she is then reminded of the consequences of resisting arrest. Left with no choice, she starts to undress. She delays after every item of clothing is removed, but the cop makes her keep going until she is finally naked, then he handcuffs her to await transportation to the police station where she will be processed.

2. Maci Wilde: Hit & Run
7 minutes 24 seconds
A man arrives at Maci's front door because, he claims, she scraped his car the previous day and then drove off. Maci looks so dismayed and asks how he found her. He explains that he read her license plate as she drove away and then asked a cop friend of his to look up her details. He says he has come to collect Maci's insurance details. Maci pulls a face and admits that her insurance recently lapsed. She offers him $500 in compensation but the man just laughs, informing her that the estimated cost of repair is over $2,000. Maci declares that she does not have that kind of money, so the man reaches for his phone to formally report the accident to the cops. Maci pleads with him not to do that, admitting this would not be her first offense. The man is not surprised, and suggests, since she can't pay him, that she needs to do something for him - take off her clothes and let him see her completely naked. Maci says that's crazy and refuses, at least until the guy starts to make that call to the police. She hastily recants and starts to remove her clothes. She asks the man if he has to stare at her while she is doing this, but he asks how else he is meant to enjoy himself. Maci looks disgusted but has no choice other than to continue stripping in front of this total stranger.

3. Jade Indica: Naked Arrest
16 minutes 13 seconds
Jade has been arrested by a plain clothes detective for stealing jewellery at the department store where she works. He makes her sit down and places her in handcuffs while he goes to search her house for stolen goods. Jade can't believe this is happening and insists that there has been some mistake. After a while the detective returns, unhappy that he has not found anything incriminating in the house. Now he looks a fool and decides to take it out on Jade. Much to her relief he unlocks the handcuffs, but Jade's relief quickly turns to horror when he instructs her to take off all her clothes. She refuses, but the detective is very insistent (besides, he is aiming his piece at her) so very, very reluctantly, she gets undressed. She does this as slowly as possible, doing her best to avoid having to strip, but the detective will not relent. At last, Jade is naked. The detective puts the handcuffs back on her and leaves the house. Jade can't believe this. He makes her strip but he is not actually arresting her? What is she supposed to do now? She spots her cellphone, and thankful that he did not take this she calls for help, uncomfortably aware that her rescuer will see her naked.

4. Kim Chi: The Bail Bondsman
9 minutes 21 seconds
Kim Chi has been arrested by a bail bondsman who put up bail for her on the understanding that she would appear in court as required, but Kim chose not to go. Now she has been caught and is in trouble. She is going to jail, and maybe this bail bondsman won't put up bail for her again. Kim still cops an attitude with him, so he decides to punish her. He promises he will just let her go and not turn her in to the police if she strips off in front of him. Kim thinks this is a joke, but also sees it as a possible way of getting out of this situation. She agrees after some resistance, unzipping her dress, sliding out of pantyhose, and finally removing her panties. That's when things take an unexpected turn. The bail bondsman decides that he will take her in anyway, while she is naked. He slaps the handcuffs back on her and makes her kneel down, humiliating this mouthy girl.

Paisley Prince, Tilly McReese, Cali Logan
Sara Liz & Hannah Perez

Paisley Prince, Tilly McReese, Cali Logan, Sara Liz & Hannah Perez: F2P - Four in One: Volume 15
F2P - Four in One: Volume 15 (MP4)
Time: 42 minutes 19 seconds
1. Paisley Prince & Tilly McReese: Remedial Action
9 minutes 50 seconds)
Tilly is Paisley's boss and she feels the girl has been performing below par in her job recently and she must now take remedial action before Paisley's attitude spreads to other employees. She has a talk with Paisley and questions her about her conduct, but when Paisley has not tangible explanation, Tilly informs her that she must take remedial action by letting her go, and start to interview for her replacement immediately. Paisley pleads to keep her job, apologizing and asking if there is anything she can do to make things right. Tilly considers, then tells Paisley that she would be willing to overlook the girl's shortcomings if she will take off all her clothes. Paisley is mortified and refuses, and makes to leave. Before she reaches the door, however, she reconsiders her position because she desperately needs this job. Very reluctantly, she starts to take her clothes off in front of her boss who seems to be enjoying this way too much.

2. Cali Logan: Strip For Me
7 minutes 32 seconds
Cali has just arrived home and climbs from her car just as an armed man appears from behind the vehicle. Cali freezes, both surprised and scared. She can't believe it when the man sits on a fallen tree and orders her to take off her clothes. Cali tries to resist but there is no one around to help her, and she knows she can't outrun a bullet. She peels off her skin-tight dress to reveal her matching bra and panties, but she doesn't get to keep these on for long. The man tells her to remove the bra which Cali does, trying to cover her breasts with her arm at the same time. She can no longer cover up when she is ordered to remove her panties. Completely naked now, she stands beside her car waiting to see what the man will do next. He tells her to climb in and lay on the back seat. She obeys but is made very uncomfortable by having him stare at her naked body. She tries to find out how long he plans to keep her like this, thinking things can't get any worse... but then they do. The man decides he wants her to get out of her car and walk over to his van, then climb in the back. Cali has no choice but to comply, but as she climbs into the van and lies down, she is troubled by the sight of rope bundled up in the corner by the door. Is he planning to tie her up?

3. Hannah Perez: The Hillbillies
15 minutes 33 seconds)
Hannah is driving home from a function through the hills of West Virginia when he car breaks down. She walks a while and comes to a remote house tucked away in the trees on the side of a mountain. Hannah knocks on the door, hoping to get warm (she didn't bring a coat with her) and use a phone to call a towing company. Two hillbilly types, father and son, answer the door and stand there admiring her in her short black dress, and when Hannah asks if she can come inside out of the cold they tell her she can come in and warm herself in front of the fire, but she will need to do something for them in exchange. They explain that it's very quiet out here in the hills and they need some entertainment. The deal is, Hannah can come inside if she is prepared to take her dress off for them. Mortified by the prospect, Hannah refuses, but when the two men shut the door and leave her shivering in the cold, she knocks again and relents. It's either that or stay out here and freeze at night draws in.Once inside, Hannah asks about a phone and is informed they don't have one. She stands in front of the fire, soaking up the warmth, and the two hillbillies remind her of her promise. When she tells them that there is no way she is taking her dress off, they get up from their easy chairs and start to show her to the door. When Hannah realizes that they really would put her back outside in the cold, she agrees to do what they ask. Delaying as long as possible, she slowly removes her dress and then her shoes. The hillbillies tell her to keep going, and when she refuses they again threaten to show her back outside, only this time without her shoes or dress. Left with no choice, Hannah removes her pantyhose, her bra and finally her panties. She is horrified when the two hillbillies move in for a closer look at her, and losing her nerve, she declares that she is going to leave. She scoops up her clothes and heads for the door, completely naked but too anxious to get away to dress herself first. As she passes by, Pa Hillbilly slaps her on the butt. She swings round and looks shocked, unable to believe that he would lay a hand on her. She runs to the door shouting for help. (This one is laced with laughter as one blooper follows another. Keeping a straight face was almost impossible, even for the camerawoman whose giggles seep through from time to time. The bloopers are assembled at the end of the movie).

4. Sara Liz: Bank Clerk's Apology
10 minutes 33 seconds)
Sara Liz works as a bank teller and has to deal with the public all day long. Not the most patient of people, she sometimes snaps at customers. On one occasion, she snapped just a little too hard and the customer complained to the bank manager about her conduct. With the customer threatening to report the incident to head office, the branch manager orders Sara Liz to go to the customer's home and apologize to him. When she shows up and the man is curt with her, Sara's irritation flares again and her apology is somewhat less than heartfelt. When the man informs her that he is recording their conversation and now plans to send this recording to her bank as proof that she did not actually apologize, Sara changes her attitude and asks him not to do that. She is mortified when she learns that the only way the recording will never see the light of day is if she undresses in front of him and then drives back to work naked.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,966.8 MB)

Cali Logan, Tilly McReese, Cadence Lux
Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

F2P - Four in One: Volume 2
F2P - Four in One: Volume 2 (MP4)
Time: 47 minutes 30 seconds
1. Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: Abuse of Authority
19 minutes 20 seconds
Becky is suspected of been selling drugs at her place of work, and her supervisor has notified the police. Officer Becky LeSabre has been dispatched to investigate the accusation. Becky is just emerging from the house to go to work as Sara arrives. When Becky tries to slam the door in the officer's face, she immediately assumes Becky's guilt and decides that she will have to treat her appropriately. Inside the house, Sara orders Becky to strip so that she can check for any concealed drugs. Becky resists and Sara is compelled to give her some assistance undressing. Because of Becky's uncooperative attitude, Sara decides to handcuff her prisoner. This seems to trigger her own evil side as she searches the naked girl; Sara begins to abuse her authority by groping her prisoner's breasts and checking her butt for contraband. When she finds nothing, she informs Becky that she is going to search the house and that she had better stay put. In Sara's absence, Becky recovers a hairpin from her jacket pocket and manages to pick the locks on the handcuffs - no novice to this situation is she. She jumps up and hides before Sara returns. When the police woman enters the room, Becky gets the drop on her and disarms her. Now she is in control and she orders Sara to take off her uniform. Sara seriously resists so Becky ends up undressing the officer herself. Eventually, Sara is down on her knees and completely naked. Becky now forces the girl to lock herself in her own handcuffs. Now it's Becky's turn to have some fun probing the naked police officer. In fact, she enjoys herself so much that she decides to call in sick for the day so that she can carry on having fun with this very cute cop.

2. Hannah Perez: Conference Call
12 minutes 03 seconds
Hannah has arranged a conference call via web cam with a colleague working in her company's Hong Kong office. She is relatively new and is handling a deal with Harper & Blaine, a big and important client that she dare not lose, trying to close the deal with them. However, as a newbie, she does not have the experience to negotiate the best terms for her company and the boss has instructed her to bring in one of their most experienced employees, Mason, who has an impressive closing rate. The trouble is, Mason is a total jerk and Hannah can't stand him. Nevertheless, in order to close the biggest deal of her career thus far, she swallows her pride and asks for the man's assistance. Mason plays hard to get with her, saying he is too busy, knowing full well that Hannah desperately needs him in on the deal. When he suggests that Hannah remove her clothes during the call, she is horrified and angry, refusing point blank to demean herself in this way. Mason threatens to withhold his help, backing Hannah into a corner. She removes her jacket and thrusts her chest out towards the camera, clearly angry, hoping this will be sufficient. However, Mason will not relent. Over the next ten minutes he manages to persuade Hannah to strip off until she is completely naked. Only then does he agree to work on the deal with her. Unfortunately, the call has taken longer than Hannah anticipated and a number of her colleagues return from lunch, walking in on the naked girl who doesn't know where to put her face.

3. Cali Logan & Tilly McReese: Humiliating the Boss
7 minutes 56 seconds
Cali has recently fired Tilly from her job for incompetence, not something that Tilly can take lying down. One evening when Cali arrives home from the office, Tilly jumps out and holds her up. She makes Cali stand in the middle of her lawn, in full view of passing traffic, and strip off her clothes. Cali challenges Tilly and demands that she stop this, but Tilly is in no mood to be reasonable. As Cali removes one item of clothing after another, she says despondently, "I don't want to do this." Tilly absolutely insists and makes her ex-boss keep going until she is completely naked. Now she forces Cali to stand facing the road, and even wolf-whistles to motorists who have stopped to look at this naked girl standing on her lawn. Several of them blow their horns in appreciation. When she has had enough of messing with Cali, Tilly climbs into the woman's Jeep and drives it away, taking all the keys with her and leaving Cali stranded naked outside her house. Cali frantically gathers up her clothes, grateful that Tilly did not take those too, but she has already suffered embarrassment and humiliation, something restoring her clothes will not banish. Maybe next time she'll think twice before firing an employee!

4. Cadence Lux: On the Run
8 minutes 11 seconds
Cadence is on the run from the police. With the law closing in, she dashes into a house hoping to be able to hide there for a while, but no sooner has she entered when a man challenges her, asking what she thinks she is doing in his home. When a police woman knocks on the front door, she pleads with the man not to give her up, promising that she has not done anything bad. The man is in two minds about whether to tell the police woman about her or not, but with an inkling of a plan forming in his mind, he answers the door and tells the police woman he has not seen the suspect they are looking for. When he returns, Cadence thanks him profusely, asking if she can just stay a short while until the police have gone. The man points out that he has just committed perjury by lying to the cop for her, and he wants something in return. Cadence looks worried, wondering if the man is after sexual favors, but he says all he wants her to do is strip off her clothes so that he can see her naked. Cadence doesn't like the idea and is on the point of refusing when the man threatens to call the cops back. In a panic, Cadence stops him and begins undressing, wondering if she would have been better off just letting the cops catch her.


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