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Forced2Please: What's New
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Forced2Please: What's New

Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James: F2P - Do As I Say
F2P - Do As I Say (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 17 seconds
Jasmine is having problems with her car in an area where cellphone reception is bad. She makes her way to a house and asks if she might come in to use a phone to call for help. The occupant, Cadence, laughs and remarks that the reception out here is terrible, but that her phone works. She invites Jasmine in. When she hands Jasmine her phone, the girl is about to use it when she is suddenly mesmerized by what she sees on the screen. Suddenly, she can't seem to think for herself. All she can hear is the sound of the other girl's voice telling her to stand up and take off her clothes. She reaches the stage where she gets Jasmine to remove her bra (back to the camera) when she thinks she hears a noise at the front door. Jasmine shakes her head. The spell is broken. Realizing what must have happened, she snatches up Cadence's phone just as the girl returns and makes her look at the screen. Cadence becomes entranced and has no choice but to obey when Jasmine orders her to undress. Soon, Cadence is naked. Jasmine makes her stand out on the front porch while she calls the police, and tells her she cannot move before the cops arrive.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 483.6 MB
Lydia Lael
Lydia Lael: F2P - The Fate Of The Forger
F2P - The Fate Of The Forger (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 11 seconds
Lydia finds an unlocked car in a woodland car park, and decides to steal the ownership document to use as a template to create forgeries. Before she can depart with her prize, however, she is caught in the act by the vehicle's owner who immediately pulls out his phone ready to call the police. Lydia begs him not to do that because she already has a record and will go to jail this time, suggesting that maybe they can reach some arrangement. The owner decides to take her up on her offer and makes her walk into the woods where he tells her to get undressed. Lydia looks surprised, asking if there is something else she can do for the man. He insists that this is the only alternative to calling the cops. Lydia is compelled to comply with his wishes and removes all of here clothes. She is horrified when the man picks up her clothes and shoes and goes back to his car, driving away with everything. Stranded and naked, Lydia tries to hide in case anyone else in the park comes across her.How in the world is she going to get home?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 337.2 MB
Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - She Can't Pay Her Fare
F2P - She Can't Pay Her Fare (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 28 seconds
Having taken a taxi home from a business function and sharing a cab with a man who has since disembarked, Cadence discovers that her purse is missing when the driven asks her to pay the fare. She deduces that the man must have stolen it, but the driver is not buying her story. He tells her that if she doesn't pay up, he will call the police. Cadence asks if there is some way they can settle this, such as the driver returning tomorrow to collect his money, or perhaps she could bring it in to the company's offices. Having been caught like this before, the driver refuses, creating something of an impasse. Finally, the driver suggests that Cadence pay him in some other way. She immediately assumes he wants to have sex with her, but it's not quite that extreme; instead, he wants her to strip for him. Cadence looks shell-shocked for a few moments, wondering if it would stop there. Faced with the alternative, she feels she has no choice and reluctantly starts to remove her clothes. She stops at her bra and panties, but the driver insists that he wants to see everything before he considers the fare paid.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 538.7 MB

Monica Jade
Monica Jade: F2P - The Liberated Hostage
F2P - The Liberated Hostage (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 02 seconds
After a bank robbery, Monica is taken hostage to ensure the thief's escape. He drives her many miles into the woods, but rather than dispose of her, he says he will let her go as long as she removes all of her clothes to slow down her progress. Monica tries to talk him out of making her humiliate herself like this, but in the end she has no choice. She undresses in front of the thief, then he tells her to head off into the woods and not look back. Monica does as she is told, but she has no idea where she is, or how to get back to civilization. She walks barefoot across the woodland floor until she hears the sound of someone else in the woods. Could it be the thief coming after her, or someone out hiking in the woods. She wants to call out and attract their attention, but she is so embarrassed at being naked, she can't bring herself to do so and hides behind a tree instead. When the person has gone, she resumes walking aimlessly until she is exhausted, finally laying down on the ground to rest. What on earth is she going to do?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 561.0 MB
Cali Logan, Hannah Perez, Cadence Lux, Star Nine,
Jennifer & Sarah Brooke

Cali Logan, Hannah Perez, Cadence Lux, Star Nine, Jennifer & Sarah Brooke: F2P - Four in One: Volume 24
F2P - Four in One: Volume 24 (MP4)
Time: 43 minutes 15 seconds
1. Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux: The Best Laid Plans
The girls are all dressed up and ready for an evening out. They plan to take in a show and then meet up with some friends for dinner afterwards. They have been planning this for weeks, but as always Hannah is holding everyone up with her OCD house cleaning. Finally ready, the girls are on their way out the door when an intruder bursts in and spoils all their plans. Terrified, the girls look at this armed man with horror. The anxiety increases when he declares that they look cute in their little dresses, but he doesn't like their shoes. He orders them to take them off. The girls comply, warily watching this crazy man as he circles around them making inappropriate remarks. It's not long before he decides that he doesn't like the dresses after all and orders the girls to remove these too. While he is distracted, Cali grabs her cell phone and tries to send a text message to summon help, but the intruder spots what she is doing before she can send the message and takes the phone from her. "For that," he says, "you can go first!" He makes Cali to remove her dress, then makes Cadence and Hannah follow suit. Soon they are wearing nothing but hose and panties, and the intruder decides that now the hose must go. He doesn't wait long before he demands that they remove their panties too. Hannah tries to reason with him, suggesting that if they do this he will leave them alone, but he says, "Let's take it one step at a time." The panties have to come off.

2. Star Nine: Star Is Clothesjacked (Full Version)
Star encounters the notorious clothesjacker as she arrives home from work. As with his previous victims, he makess her to strip off in her car. With a lot of reluctance and repeated attempts to talk the man out of making her do this, Star finally strips down until she is sitting there completely naked. She assumes the man will now go away, having seen what he wanted to see, but instead things take a turn for the worse when he climbs into the car with her and orders her to drive; he wants Star to drive him to his house. Alarmed, Star tries to resist, but the man leaves her with no choice. She puts on her seatbelt, reverses the car and begins driving towards the highway. She warns the man that she will get pulled over for driving naked, but he does not seem at all concerned and orders her to continue. After a little drive, the clothesjacker decides to tie up the naked Star with duct tape and drag her out of the vehicle, leaving her on the grass both vulnerable and helpless.

3. Jennifer: You Need To Undress, Ma'am
Jennifer has been arrested for white collar crime and is being transported from her local police station to a penitentiary on the opposite side of the state. The police have access to a property around the half way point of the journey where they can overnight to avoid traveling in the dark. Regulations regarding the treatment of prisoners under this circumstances are clear; they must remove all their clothes to ensure they are not concealing anything untoward about their person, and once naked, they must be handcuffed to keep them out of mischief. This has the added advantage of preventing them covering their breasts and vagina. The cop transporting her may or may not be sticking to the proper regulations, but his prisoner is hardly likely to argue with him.

4. Sarah Brooke: Down On Her Luck
Sarah has been unemployed for a while and is getting herself into financial difficulties, so she turns to a relative whom she knows has plenty of money and asks for a loan. At first, he is reluctant to help her, pointing out that everyone promises to repay loans but far from every one does so. When he proposes that Sarah take off her clothes so that he may see her naked, she becomes indignant and storms out, but her desperate situation compels her to return. She finds it so difficult to start undressing, until her relative starts to help her. From that point on, she knows she has to go through with this. She is mortified when he starts taking photographs of her with hardly anything on, but if she wants that loan she has to tolerate whatever he wants to do. When she is totally naked, he comes close to her, making Sarah shiver. Just when she thinks he is going to renage on the deal, he asks her if he wants check or cash.

Vonka Romanov & Sinthia Bee
Vonka Romanov & Sinthia Bee: F2P - Never Embarrass A Client
F2P - Never Embarrass A Client (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
Vonka and Sinthia work in the same bank, and at various stages of a client's application for a loan, both have been involved in the process, and both have turned him down with a supercilious air, humiliating him. Finally snapping, he kidnaps them both and decides to humiliate them in return, by making them take off all their clothes in front of him. The girls resist at first, but when it becomes clear that he really means business, they reluctantly comply. They remove their blouses and skirts and stand before him in their underwear, but this is not good enough for the humiliated client. He wants to see them completely naked, and orders them to remove their pantyhose, bras, and finally, their panties.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 350.3 MB

Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - The Transporter
F2P - The Transporter (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 19 seconds
The transporter is driving home with "the package" safely stashed in the trunk. The package is making a lot of noise back there, but this man merely sighs, always the calm professional. He pulls up, checks his watch to measure his performance, then climbs out. He circles to the back of his vehicle, opens the trunk, and lifts out the package, a blonde girl whose wrists and ankles are secured with zipties, and whose mouth is sealed with duct tape, rendering any sounds she makes unintelligible. The transporter carries her into the house, cuts her free and orders her to strip. The girl, Cadence, looks confused and alarmed. She doesn't want to be naked, but the transporter is insistent. His manner brooks no argument. Cadence reluctantly undresses, allowing the transporter to inspect her body. No tattoos. He is pleased; the client doesn't like tattoos. He secures the girl's wrists and ankles and gags her again, taking a few photos to send to his client to prove that the girl has clean skin. He tells her that her buyer will arrive soon and exits the room, leaving Cadence helpless and naked to await her fate.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 528.7 MB
Sinthia Bee
Sinthia Bee: F2P - Financial Incentive
F2P - Financial Incentive (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 18 seconds
Sinthia enters her home to find a man she doesn't know lurking in her kitchen. She demands to know who he is and what he is doing there. He explains that he plans to unload her of her valuables, but offers her a deal: If she wants to keep her property, she will need to do something else for him instead - take off all her clothes and allow him to see her naked. Even this financial incentive does not seem enough at first, but in the end, Sinthia has to accept that she really doesn't have any choice in the matter. She removes her jacket and reluctantly lowers the straps on her dress, sliding the garment down her body and then her thighs, revealing that she is wearing stockings. The intruder seems to really like this and encourages her to keep going, making her remove first the stockings, then her bra and finally, her panties.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 481.5 MB
Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov
Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov: F2P - The Intern
F2P - The Intern (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 19 seconds
Jasmine is annoyed that her intern Vonka is always late. She finally decides to fire her and tells Vonka to leave her security card on the way out. Vonka really doesn't want her job to end like this and pleads with Jasmine to give her another chance. Jasmine is reluctant to do so, but Vonka keeps insisting that she will do whatever it takes. At last, Jasmine asks her what she is willing to do, and finally settles on having Vonka undress so that Jasmine can film her naked. This way, if she is late again, Jasmine will be at liberty to post these revealing pictures whoever she chooses, making it impossible for Vonka to gain further employment. With a look that says she can't believe she is doing this, Vonka undresses and stands naked before Jasmine, who takes some photos before coming closer and feeling Vonka's breasts. She orders Vonka to get down on her knees in front of her, something she considers a suitable lesson in learning humility.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 860.2 MB

Candle Boxxx
Candle Boxxx: F2P - Just Candle
F2P - Just Candle (MP4)
Time: 40 minutes 33 seconds
1. I Want A Raise
Candle has been an employee at North Enterprises for the past nine months. She has just moved into a new apartment, significantly more expensive than her old one, and she badly needs a raise to prevent getting herself into debt. She talks to her boss who informs her that she is not scheduled for a review until the end of her first year, and they will discuss a possible raise then. Candle persists, desperate to secure a higher salary. Once her boss appreciates just how desperate she is, he makes her an offer: He will give her a large raise if she will take off all her clothes in front of him and work out the rest of the afternoon naked. Candle hesitates, worried about where this is going. She tries to talk her way out of the situation in which she finds herself, but it soon becomes clear that if she wants more money, she will have to strip for her boss. She begins to take off her clothes, top, skirt, stockings, bra and panties, and then returns to work without a stitch on.

2. The Sniper
Candle is just getting ready to go out when she hears the front door open and close. She assumes it is her friend calling to collect her, but when she turns from the mirror she is confronted by an armed man. She puts her hands up, but he wants her at a psychological disadvantage. He instructs her to kneel down and take off her clothes. Candle can't quite grasp what is going on, compelling the man to issue his order again. She obeys, taking off her dress, thigh high stockings, bra and panties. When his victim is completely naked, the intruder ties her up with ropes and tape gags her to keep her quiet. Now that she is secure, he goes to the back of the house where he plans to take his shot. Candle struggles against her bonds but she can't free herself. She desperately tries to get to her phone and call for help, but the way she is tied up makes it impossible for her to succeed.

3. Price Of Repair
Candle has had her car repaired by low-cost repair shop because she has been unemployed and is broke. When she goes to pay with a credit card, the mechanic says he does not accept them and will take cash only. When Candle says she has no cash on her, the mechanic tells her she will have to come back when she can pay him, and in the meantime the car stays here. Candle explains that she must have the car in order to get to her new job, which is the only way she can pay her bills. Candle offers various forms of security but the mechanic is just not interested. When she pleads with him to compromise, he finally agrees to let her take the car and pay him later on the condition that she takes off all her clothes in front of him. Candle thinks she has misheard him and laughs nervously, but clearly he is serious. She refuses and decides to call for a cab, except she can't get cell reception in this out-of-the-way place. She is stuck! Finally, aware that she has no other choice, Candle capitulates to the mechanic's terms.

4. Never Pick Up A Hitchhiker
Candle kindly stops for a hitchhiker who claims that his car has broken down, but then she realizes she has not seen a car on the side of the road before encountering this guy. Suddenly, she finds out why! He is armed and holds her up, forcing her to turn off the road onto an unmade track. Some distance along the track he makes her stop the car and turn off the engine. The man tells Candle to stay where she is and take off her clothes. Candle thinks she must have misheard the man, but when he insists that she strip completely she is no longer in any doubt. Trying to persuade the man to just let her go, Candle starts to undress, taking as much time as she dare, but there is no way out of this situation. Little by little she removes all the clothes, concluding with her bra and panties. The man tells Candle to get out of the car, and standing in the cold and the rain, Candle watches him drive away with her car, her clothes, and he wallet containing her driver's license. Not knowing what else to do, Candle climbs a nearby bank as she goes in search of help.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,902.1 MB
Rachel Adams
Rachel Adams: F2P - Just Rachel
F2P - Just Rachel (MP4)
Time: 48 minutes 18 seconds
1. Stakeout
Rachel works for a private detective firm, and she has been charged with watching a house where the firm believes a criminal is hiding out. She hardly expects the criminal to be watching her. He sneaks up behind her, makes her discard her earpiece, then makes her strip. He finds Rachel's handcuffs, walks her deeper into the woods and makes her cuff herself to a tree. He has a good look at her naked body before he walks away, leaving the girl stranded in the woods with no clothes. She can't get the handcuffs off, so she has to face the prospect of acute embarrassment when someone from the office comes to look for her.

2. Trouble With the Maid
Money has been going missing in Dave's house, and he suspects that his maid Rachel is responsible. He confronts her about a sum of money that went missing from a drawer the previous week, but Rachel emphatically denies taking it. Dave is not persuaded by her denials, and tells her he has to let her go. Rachel says no, she badly needs this job. Dave suggests the only way he can be sure about her is to make sure she does not have any stolen money on her person. Rachel says she has no pockets, but Dave says she could easily have it tucked inside her bra or panties, and he wants her to take off all her clothes to prove her innocence. Natural, Rachel is rather indignant that he would ask her to do this, but when she continues to object, Dave tells her she had better pack up her things and leave. Unwilling to lose her job, Rachel accedes to Dave's request to get naked.

3. Utterly Humiliating
Rachel has unwittingly upset a man by taking a job he used to have, and his solution to this problem is to intercept her on her first day and make sure she never gets to the office and never calls in with an explanation. He secures her to a bed with plastic cuffs and cuffs off her clothes, leaving her lying there naked and embarrassed.

4. It Wasn't Me
Sometimes, a cop has the enviable job of calling on a young woman who has been irrefutably caught break the law. In this case, he has called on Rachel Adams who has been caught on CCTV stealing clothes from a department store, the very clothes she is still wearing. It is the cop's job to seize those clothes as evidence for the prosecution when her case goes to court. One way to ensure that the clothes are obtained without damage is to make her remove them while he looks on. Rachel insists that she is innocent, declaring, "It wasn't me." The cop has seen the security footage and is absolutely convinced it was her.Once Rachel is naked, he handcuffs her wrists together behind her back and gathers up the allegedly stolen clothes.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,261.6 MB
Vonka Romanov
Vonka Romanov: F2P - Full Reveal
F2P - Full Reveal (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 24 seconds
Vonka has information that some precious stones are located somewhere in a particular house, and acting on this intelligence, she breaks in and goes in search of the gems. She fails to realize that someone is in the house, and he surprises her during her search. Vonka tries to explain her presence away by insisting that she must be in the wrong house, that no harm has been done, and says she will be on her way. The house owner refuses to let her leave, expressing concern that she may already have stolen items from him and has them hidden about her person. Before she can leave, he insists that she remove all of her clothes to make sure she is not hiding any of his property. Vonka is indignant and very reluctant to comply, but realizes the consequences of not obeying could be much worse than being seen naked, she starts to undress.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 533.7 MB

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