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Forced2Please: What's New
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Forced2Please: What's New

Paisley Prince, Tilly McReese, Hannah Perez,
Kate Winters, Cali Logan & Cadence Lux

Paisley Prince, Tilly McReese, Hannah Perez, Kate Winters, Cali Logan & Cadence Lux: F2P - Four In One: Volume 22
F2P - Four In One: Volume 22 (MP4)
Time: 46 minutes 10 seconds
1. The Audit - Paisley Prince & Tilly McReese
Tilly and Paisley work together in the accounts department at their firm. They have been cooking the books for a while not and getting away with it, at least until an auditor was brought it to go over the accounts. The girls think they have been clever and their funds siphoning will not be detectable, but they are wrong. When the auditor, Dave, lets himself into the girls' rented home, they are somewhat affronted by his uninvited presence, but they quickly become uneasy as he starts to describe discrepancies in the company accounts, and points to them as the perpetrators. The girls deny it and suggest that he should leave, but Dave is adamant and says that he won't draw attention to their misdeeds if they strip for him.They refuse, at least until he threatens to call the boss there and then and inform him about what is going on. Suddenly, the girls become more compliant. They so don't want to take off their clothes in front of this letch, but they realize they have no choice.� He watches as they peel off their clothing, and when they try to stop at bra and panties, he strongly urges the to continue. When the girls are finally naked, he starts taking photographs, much to their distress.

2. Arresting Officer - Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez has been sent to arrest a perpetrator who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest. When he tries to shut the door on her she pushes her way into the house to confront him. He backs away from her as she gives him instructions to turn around and place his hands behind his back. Instead, he makes a dash for a drawer where he might well have something dangerous concealed. Hannah tries to grab him but in the struggle he manages to disarm her. Now with the upper hand, he sets about humiliating the police officer by making her take off her uniform. Hannah warns him that he is now in a world of trouble and says that backup will arrive at any minute, hoping to regain control of the situation. Instead of being intimidated by her threats, the perp just mocks her and persists in making her strip until she is totally naked. For fun, he locks her in her own handcuffs with her arms behind her back, preventing her from covering her breasts and vagina, then tells her to lie on the floor where he plans to have more fun with her. That is when a truly wicked idea occurs to him: He compels his cuffed and naked victim to go outside and wait for her backup in the snow. Hannah hops from foot to foot as the cold bites at her toes, but with nowhere to run and her wrists restrained, she can do nothing except stand there and hope that backup really does arrive, soon!

3. Start Up - Kate Winters
Kate has been concocting plans to establish and operate a small business at home, but because she is renting the property she needs the written approval of the house owner, her landlord, before she can set things in motion. When asked about the nature of the business, she explains she wants to run an Internet store from her loft. The landlord seems reluctant to let her do this and she is forced to plead with him to sign the paperwork, saying this is something she really wants to pursue. Finally, the man grudgingly agrees, on one condition - that Kate is willing to strip off in front of him and let him see her naked. She laughs, thinking this must be a silly joke, but it soon becomes clear that her landlord is totally serious.Her immediate reaction is to refuse, but when her hands back the paperwork unsigned, Kate realizes that if she wants this venture to even get off the ground, she will have to do what this old pervert wants.

4. The Snitch - Cali Logan & Cadence Lux
Cali is something of a goody two-shoes, and when she discovers that Cadence has been helping herself to the petty cash at work, she decides to snitch on her blonde colleague. As a result, Cadence is fired and she doesn't take it well. Fast forward a week to when Cali is arriving home from work. As she opens the front door, Cadence, armed and dangerous, is waiting for her. She forces Cali into the living room when she confronts her about being a snitch. Cali tries to defend her decision to be honest, but her conviction wavers when Cadence orders her to take off all her clothes. Cali does her best to reason with the girl, and when that doesn't work she tells her that she ought to be in a mental hospital. This only serves to exacerbate the situation, and Cadence takes great pleasure in making the prudish woman strip naked. Cali delays as long as she can, removing her jacket and shoes, then pulling her skirt up to peel off her thigh highs. When she is wearing only bra and panties she tries to stop but Cadence is not having any of that and makes her finish stripping. In a careless moment while Cadence is trying to decide what to do next, Cali disarms her and turns toe tables. Now she orders Cadence to strip. Cadence tries to convince her that it was all just a joke but Cali does not accept that for a moment. She watches as Cadence undresses then orders her to sit on the floor with her hands behind the kitchen table leg. She zip ties Cadence's wrists as the girl asks her not to call the cops on her again. Cali says she has no intention of calling the cops. She tells Cadence that she doesn't know her at all. She doesn't know, for example, that Cali and her husband like kinky sex, and that she likes to watch her husband screwing other women. "Just imagine how excited he'll be when he arrives home and finds you sitting there naked," she taunts. Cadence looks horrified but there is nothing she can do to save herself now.

1920x1080 - MP4: 2,135.8 MB
Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P -  The Witness
F2P - The Witness (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 21 seconds
Cadence has been involved in a car accident and is being accused of causing it. In the absence of traffic cams, she has to rely on witnesses. Most are not interested, but she knows one a little and goes to see him and ask him to testify on her behalf. He doesn't really want to get involved, but when she presses him, he says he will do it if she is willing to take off her clothes and allow him to see her naked. Cadence is clearly shocked by this unexpected request, but she also realizes that without this man's testimony, she might very well end up being prosecuted. After discussing how awkward the situation is, Cadence begins undressing.

1920x1080 - MP4: 478.1 MB
Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P -  No Reception
F2P - No Reception (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 30 seconds
Cadence has left the main highway and got herself completely lost. Her phone has no reception, so she has no GPS and can't even call for a tow truck. A man out for a stroll in the woods happens by and says he has a phone on him, and that he gets a good signal. Cadence asks to borrow it, but the man seems a little reluctant. Realizing that she is in a tight spot, he strikes a bargain with her: If she is willing to undress in front of him so that he can see her naked, he will let her use his phone. Cadence is taken aback by his request, but realizing she has no choice if she wants to get out of this backwater today, she starts to undress, trying to ignore the man's rather suggestive comments as she exposes more and more of her body.

1920x1080 - MP4: 485.6 MB

Lea Hart, Kim Chi, Autumn Bodell & Lana Luxor
Lea Hart, Kim Chi, Autumn Bodell & Lana Luxor: F2P - Four in One: Volume 21
F2P - Four in One: Volume 21 (MP4)
Time: 40 minutes 32 seconds
1. Lea Hart: Bad Grade
Lea has received an D grade on a critical paper which will prevent her from graduating. Desperate to complete her education and get on with her life, she goes to her tutor's home to talk to him about his harsh treatment of her, dressed in a way that she hopes will impress and perhaps even entice him. Her ploy appears not to be working when he insists that her performance was below par and that she deserved the "D" she received. He offers to show her out because he is late for a college meeting, but Lea is not done with him yet. She pulls up her skirt to show him that she is wearing stockings and a garter belt under her conservative clothing, and asks him, "Are you sure we have nothing more to talk about?" The tutor seems a little amused at her blatent attempt to manipulate him into giving her a better grade. He tells her that a glimpse of a stocking top is not going to do it, but if she were let him remove her clothes for her, one item at a time until she stands naked before him, he says he will alter her grade to an "A" there and then. This is more than Lea bargained for and she is reluctant to do as he asks, but when he makes to leave again, she concedes and allows him to undress her.

2. Kim Chi: Kim's Reference
Kim has returned to visit her old boss because she needs a good reference from him to stand a chance at obtaining a new job with more responsibility and correspondingly better pay. The problem is that she was fired from her previous job for misconduct at work. Her old boss asks her why he should risk his reputation by giving her a favorable reference, only to have her get the new job and do the same thing again. Kim promises that would not be the case and that she will not let her old boss down, but he is far less optimistic. Ultimately, he makes a proposal: If Kim wants him to provide the reference she needs, she must remove all of her clothes and allow him to see her naked. Kim looks extremely uncomfortable at the idea, but when her old boss is about to show her to the door, she realizes that this is her only chance to get the reference and she had better not blow it. Looking ill at ease, Kim stands and lifts her dress, exposing her purple lingerie. Her old boss is definitely interested in seeing more...

3. Autumn Bodell: How To Sell Real Estate
Autumn is a new real estate agent hungry to make her first sale. She is showing a client around a house where the owner has gone out to give her a chance to show the property without inhibition. The client seems fairly interested and starts questioning Autumn about how recently she joined the firm of realtors, and asks her how badly she would like to make a sale. He tells her that she would stand an excellent chance of making a sale to him if she were to conduct him around the property without wearing any clothes. Autumn laughs, assuming that he is joking, but when he stresses that he is serious, Autumn's desire for commission overwhelms her better judgment and she does indeed peel off her clothes in front of this guy. She continues to tour of the house naked, and clearly a little nervous now. The client is just about ready to go back to the office and sign the paperwork when a car pulls up outside - the owner has come back early. Worse still, he is with someone. Autumn dashes for the bathroom, telling the client to go and fetch her clothes for her just as the owner enters the house.

4. Lana Luxor: Forced Clothes Removal
Lana has been grabbed as she left the office by a man she doesn't know. Here she is, forced to stand with her wrists locks in cuffs, wondering what he has in store for her. Whatever it is, it can't be good. She calls out for help but the place seems very quiet. She is pretty sure no one can her her cries, but that doesn't stop her trying. She can't slide her hands through the cuffs either; they're just a little too tight. Finally, her captor appears on the scene. She still shouts for help so he gags her with duct tape. When she kicks her, he secures her legs together with more tape. Now she can't move. She certainly can't stop him when he produces a pair of scissors and starts cutting the hem of her skirt. She watches in horror as he tears the skirt apart. Then the scissors are back. It's pretty clear now that he plans to cut away all of her clothes and leave her standing there naked.

Linh, Misty Lovelace, Kim, Rachael & Laci
F2P - Four in One: Volume 20
F2P - Four in One: Volume 20 (MP4)
Time: 40 minutes 49 seconds
1. Linh: Babysitter's Nightmare
Linh has performed babysitting for her neighbor Stephanie many times before. It always goes smoothly and it is easy money for an evening of snacking and watching TV... except on this particular evening. Linh hears the front door open and close but does not get up from her chair since she assumes it is Stephanie returning early. She almost jumps out of her skin when a man grabs her hair and leans over her, and he is armed. He orders Linh to turn off the TV and stand up. He takes her seat then tells her to undress. Linh clearly does not want to take her clothes off, but the man threatens her and she has no choice. She tries to undress slowly hoping he might lose interest, but he warns her that if she doesn't hurry up he will give her a hand. Linh soon stands before him naked. She hopes that this nightmare will end there, but it doesn't. The man orders her to sit on her lap! Linh does so, waiting for him to start groping her, but instead he turns the TV back on and starts watching it with her, making Linh feed him a snack while urging her to have some too. Maybe babysitting is not such a cushy number after all!

2. Misty Lovelace: What Are You Doing In My House?
Misty arrives home from work and, OMG, there's a man in her house and he's armed. Worse still, he has designs on seeing this pretty girl naked, so he makes her start removing articles of her clothing - jacket, blouse, skirt, pantyhose... now she only has her bra and panties covering areas of her body she seriously does not want this man to see. But she is not going to be able to keep them on, because he orders her to remove them. Very, very reluctantly, Misty unhooks her bra, still holding the cups in place to cover her breasts... but then the man takes it away for her. Now just her panties stand between her and and total exposure to a stranger. In another minute, there will be nothing at all.

3. Kim & Rachael: Her Captors Stripped Her
Kim is being held for ransom but it seems that her parents are not taking the threat seriously. Kim's captors decide to show them they mean business; they untie her from the chair where she has been restrained and pull the clothes off the poor girl. They then lift her onto a small table and place a rope around her neck, then proceed to grope her. The idea is to take photographs of Kim in her new predicament and send them to her parents, but the captors actually seem to be enjoying her situation too.

4. Laci: Forcibly Undressed
Laci has been taken prisoner and stands with her wrists cuffed above her head and her ankles secured with a zip tie. The man who took her enters the room and stands admiring her as she squirms in discomfort under his gaze. When he advances on her with a pair of scissors, she fears the worst. But he is not going to hurt her. He begins to cut the hem of her dress and then rips it apart as far up as the tear will go. He does the same to the other side of the dress, cutting a little and then ripping until Laci's dress is hanging on her in tatters. Finally, he snips through the strap holding the dress on her and it falls to the floor. Next, he frees her ankles, removes her shoes and then peels off her stockings before picking up the scissors again and starting work on her bra and panties. Laci objects and tries to pull away from him, but the handcuffs prevent her from going anywhere. When she is completely naked, the man promises to return soon to play with her, then leaves the room.

Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - Strip & Destroy
F2P - Strip & Destroy (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 31 seconds
Cadence is being held prisoner, her hands tied above her head, her ankles bound together. A gag is in her mouth to help keep her quiet. Cadence looks on in alarm as her captor enters the room with a pair of scissors. Her torments her, telling her that he is going to cut off her clothes. Cadence can do nothing to stop him, and watches helplessly as he begins cutting off her skirt, exposing her bra. Her starts at the bottom of her pants and cuts away both legs until they are in ruins, utterly being salvaged. With obvious relish, the man cuts through the shoulder straps of her bra before cutting through the band at the back, revealing her breasts. He plays with her left nipple with the blade of the scissors, terrifying his captive. Finally, he snips through her panties, leaving her completely naked. He leaves Cadence alone, tied up and nude, while he goes outside and burns the tattered remains of her clothes. Now she truly does have nothing to wear.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 805.0 MB

Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: F2P - Another Trespasser
F2P - Another Trespasser (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 14 seconds
Just a few weeks after planning inspector Vonka entered the property of a crusty old guy who made her strip and walk a mile through the woods to her car, Cadence arrives and encounters the same man. She insists that she is there to view the property and seems confused when he says it is not for sale. Believing this to be just a ruse, and that cadence is from the same office as Vonka, he holds up Cadence and forces her to remove all her clothes. He plans to do exactly the same thing to her as he did to the previous girl. He tells Cadence to get going on her long walk, warning her that it will get dark soon so she had better hurry it up. Cadence makes her way through the woods, not sure she is going the right way, stepping on sharp stones and getting tangled up in the undergrowth, hoping she can find the dirt track where the crusty old guy says he is going to leave her car. What if he doesn't? She could be stranded out here for hours... days! Frightened, Cadence makes herself keep going when all she really wants to do is curl up on the ground and cry.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 793.0 MB
Vonka Romanov
Vonka Romanov: F2P - Caught Trespassing
F2P - Caught Trespassing (MP4)
Time: 21 minutes 43 seconds
In her official capacity as a planning inspector, Vonka is paying a visit to a remote property where, it has been reported, some structure has been erected that is not up to county code. When she comes face to face with the owner of the property, he immediately accuses her of trespassing and demands to know who she is and what she is doing so. When Vonka reveals her purpose, it only serves to upset the owner still further. Determined to teach Vonka a lesson, he tells Vonka to strip off her clothes and give them to him. He plans to put them in her car and drive it a mile away, leaving it on a dirt road on the other side of the woods. Vonka's only way too get to it will be to walk through the woods completely naked, without even a pair of shoes to protect her feet. Vonka is horrified. She hates the outdoors, and especially doesn't like getting her feet dirty, but the man is so angry, and worried about escalating the situation, she undresses in front of him and reluctantly begins her long, uncomfortable and frankly embarrassing walk through the woods.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,000.9 MB
Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez
Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez: F2P - Three Girl Clothesjack enhanced
F2P - Three Girl Clothesjack enhanced (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 00 seconds
The clothesjacker is back, and this time he has found three lovely ladies in a car, and they are lost. They foolishly pull up to ask him directions, but he soon pulls out something too, something that makes them put their hands up. One by one, he forces them to strip off their clothes. Each girl is distressed and very reluctant to get naked, but none of them have a choice. Little by little the clothes come off, and the girls are made to throw them out of the window. Finally, the clothesjacker orders them out of the car. Amid squeals of protest, the girls are made to walk away from the vehicle. The clothesjacker leaves them all naked at the edge of the woods as he makes off with both clothes and vehicle.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 416.9 MB

Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James
Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James: F2P - Your Greatest Fan
F2P - Your Greatest Fan (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 02 seconds
Jasmine has broken into the home of her acting idol Vonka Romanov, waiting for the woman to arrive home. As she walks in the door, Vonka is startled to find the girl waiting for her, gushing about how she is Vonka's greatest fan. Realizing this girl might have a few screws loose, Vonka does everything she can to coax Jasmine out of the house. Realizing what Vonka is trying to do, Jasmine starts to show her true colors and threatens Vonka, ordering her to take off her clothes, or else. Frightened now, Vonka complies, and looks on in horror as Jasmine undresses down to her lingerie and puts on Vonka's discarded clothes. Jasmine then forces her idol to continue stripping until she is naked, then makes her place her wrists in some handcuffs she has suspended from the ceiling. Now helpless in the presence of this crazy girl, Vonka's composure finally cracks.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 782.5 MB
Candle Boxxx & Autumn Bodell
Candle Boxxx & Autumn Bodell: F2P - Perks Of The Job & Pushy Reporter enhanced
F2P - Perks Of The Job & Pushy Reporter enhanced (MP4)
Time: 42 minutes 42 seconds
1. Perks Of The Job
Office Autumn Bodell has pulled over a female driver who was, she explains, driving too fast. The driver, Candle, denies this, but the cop says she has run Candle's places and a number of outstanding violations showed up on her computer. She orders Candle out of the vehicle and then handcuffs her. Because Candle arrived home before the cop caught up to her, Autumn suggests that they go inside. Once there, she removes Candle's handcuffs and asks her if she wants to be arrested and possibly end up in prison, where they do nasty things to pretty girls like her, or does she want to obey the cop's instructions now? Autumn orders Candle to take of all of her clothes, and once she has her victim naked, Autumn begins squeezing her breasts and kissing her. She considers this abuse of power one of the perks of her job. Candle is clearly repelled by the cop's attentions but cannot do anything to prevent what is happening; at least, not until she make a surprise grab and disarms the cop. Now she is in control and makes the cop handcuff herself. Candle then unzips the woman's tunic and begins squeezing her breasts in return. Autumn tries to talk her way out of trouble, but Candle is just getting started. Soon, she makes Autumn strip off before replacing the handcuffs. Candle then goes out to Autumn's patrol car and comes back with legs irons, a zip tie, a handkerchief and a roll of duct tape. It is not long before Autumn is trapped in a hogtie and has her mouth stuffed and gagged. Now Candle can play with her to her heart's content.

2. Pushy Reporter
Candle is an investigative reporter who has been hounding a man suspected of being Jack the Stripper, someone who has carried out a spate of home invasions where women have been forced to strip before he leaves them tied up, stark naked. With her camerawoman Autumn, Candle has been waiting outside the man's home for him to return. As he gets out of his vehicle and walks towards the house, she intercepts him while asking leading questions. The man refuses to talk to her and pushes the camera away. He goes inside and Autumn turns to leave, but Candle asks her where she is going, saying that she is going to get this interview. The two women enter the man's house and go in search of him. His whereabout is not immediately apparent, not until he emerges from behind a curtain, armed. He makes Autumn turn off her camera and orders both women to strip, saying that they wanted an exclusive and now they've got it. Once they are naked, the man tells them to lie face down on the floor, and he zip ties their wrists. Now that they have confirmed his identity, he has no choice but to dispose of them. He orders them to stand and leads them out to his Jeep, making them climb in the back. He zip ties their ankles and gags them with duct tape before closing the doors and leaving them to wonder about their fate. Not to be defeated, Candle manages to get a door open and the two women hop to their own car. Only when she tries the door does Candle remember that they locked the vehicle. Their only chance of getting away now is to hop into the surrounding woods and hope that Jack the Stripper will not find them.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,969.5 MB
F2P - Four in One: Volume 19
F2P - Four in One: Volume 19 (MP4)
Time: 38 minutes 47 seconds
1. Madison Swan: Madison Swan Is Clothesjacked Time: 9 minutes 41 seconds Madison has just arrived home and is looking forward to a relaxing evening. What she gets instead is an armed man leaning in through the open window of her van, telling her she has to remove her clothes because he wants them. In fact, he wants everything, her clothes, her money, or and her van. Unable to do anything to help herself, Madison is compelled to obey and starts by wriggling out of her tight skirt. Her bodysuit and tank top quickly follow, leaving her wearing nothing but her high heeled shoes. The man needs to make sure she won't raise the alarm before he gets safely away, so he makes Madison climb out of the van, ties her hand behind her back and leads her into the woods. He plans to tie her to a tree and leave her there, naked, until she can escape or until someone finds her. How embarrassing.

2. Claire Irons: The Principal's Humiliation Time: 13 minutes 26 seconds Claire has been photographed in a very compromising situation by a paparazzo who then decides to extort money from her before trying to sell them to a newspaper. This is very awkward for Claire who is the principal of a school full of teenage girls, and in her position of trust, she is very vulnerable to public opinion. Indiscreet photographs will cost her her sterling reputation and her career, and the only hope she has of preventing exposure is to do what the paparazzo wants... and what he wants is to watch her undress in front of him. Embarrassed, Claire begins to disrobe, asking why she should trust this low life. The fact is, she really doesn't have any choice.Claire keeps trying to stall, but her blackmailer forces her to take off her bra and her panties, leaving her completely naked. Can he be trusted to give her the photos and keep the video he has just recorded private? Naaaa.

3. Vika: May I Use Your Phone? Time: 6 minutes 56 seconds Vika and her boyfriend have had an argument and he has thrown her out of his car, driving off with her purse and her cell phone. When the stranded girl comes across a house in the wilderness, she asks the owner if she can use his phone to call someone to come and collect her. He agrees that she can, but only if she is willing to take off her clothes in front of him. In fact, he won't even let her into the house until she is naked, even though there is a sharp autumn chill in the air. Vika is appalled that he would take advantage of her like this, but seeing that he really won't help her unless she complies, she begins to undress. The man encourages her to throw her clothing through the open door to avoid it getting dirty. Vika worries that he might shut the door and locked her out when she has removed all of her clothes, but he promises he would not do that... except, he does.

4. Tilly McReese & Cassandra Cain: If You Want To Keep Your Jobs Time: 9 minutes 36 seconds Tilly and Cassandra are secretaries at a company in the process of downsizing. It currently employs four office staff but can only afford to keep two of them on. The boss is having a hard time deciding who to keep and who to let go, until he comes up with a criterion that should really determine their level of loyalty to the company. He begins with Tilly and Cassandra, telling that that he will keep them on and let the other girls go if they are willing to undress in front of him, and then sit down at their desks and carry on working the rest of the day while naked. The girls look shocked and then disbelieving - did they really hear the boss correctly? When he stresses that they are the first pair to receive this offer, and if they refuse he will make it to the other two girls. If they are willing to go along with his instructions, Tilly and Cassandra will be the ones to lose their jobs. Both desperately in need to continuing employment, the girls reluctantly stand up and begin taking off their clothes while the boss looks on. They ask if he could at least turn around while they do this, but he refuses. Embarrassed, both girls strip down to their bra and panties, and are then faced with the final challenge in keeping their positions.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,785.9 MB

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