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Made2Please: What's New

Vonka Romanov & Syenite
Vonka Romanov & Syenite: M2P - A Question Of Loyalty
M2P - A Question Of Loyalty
Time: 10 minutes 45 seconds
Vonka and Syenite are part of an organization smuggling precious stones, and lately, certain consignments have been coming up light. The boss's right-hand man has suggested that it only happens when these particular girls are involved, so the boss pays an unexpected visit to their home, waiting for them to return. When they walk in, he confronts them about the problem of gems going missing. The girls both deny any involvement, but the boss didn't get where he is by trusting people. He orders the girls to take off their clothes and allow him to inspect them, just to see if they might have any of the missing gems taped to their skin in discrete places. Realizing what may happen to them if they don't comply, the girls start to undress.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 502.4 MB
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Jessica: M2P - To Avoid Being Arrested
M2P - To Avoid Being Arrested
Time: 9 minutes 16 seconds
Jessica has been pulled over by a cop. When asked if she knows why she has been stopped, she admits that she was speeding. The cop takes her driver's license and registration to check her out, and when he returns he points out that she has several speeding tickets already outstanding. He informs her that he has no choice other than to take her in to resolve the situation. Jessica asks him not to do that because her insurance will go through the roof if she is actually booked. She even attempts to bribe the cop which makes him turn towards his vehicle where he will call for another car to have her picked up. Jessica begs him to stop and asks if there is any way they can resolve the situation without doing that. Her offers her one way out of her situation: If she wants to be given more time to pay her speeding tickets voluntarily, she will have to remove her clothes and get completely naked, with the cop watching. She is mortified at the prospect, but the alternative is so much worse. Reluctantly, she pulls up the hem of her dress preparatory to undressing in front of him.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 433.6 MB
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Sinthia Bee
Sinthia Bee: M2P - Looking For Help
M2P - Looking For Help
Time: 10 minutes 44 seconds
Sinthia has been abandoned by her partner and left to wander through the woods in her heels, looking for a way back to town, many miles away. When she chances across a house in the woods and sees a man out in his garden, she thinks her luck has changed. The problem is, in exchange for giving her a lift to the nearest town, he wants her to take off all of her clothes and travel with him naked. Sinthia is appalled by the idea, but the prospect of walking miles further in her heels is even worse. Grudgingly, she agrees to his terms. Once she is naked, however, it seems the man cannot find the key to his vehicle.

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Sinthia Bee
Sinthia Bee: M2P - Giving Herself The Advantage
M2P - Giving Herself The Advantage
Time: 9 minutes 59 seconds
Sinthia is visiting the home of her boss, or more specifically, the basement of his home. It seems he wants complete privacy for the conversation they are about to have. Sinthia is one of several secretaries being considered for promotion, and both are equally qualified. It is hard to choose between them, so the boss explains that he will come down on her side if she is prepared to let him watch her take off all of her clothes. Sinthia is disconcerted by this request, but at the same time she does not want to offend the boss and ruin her chances of promotion. She elicits a promise from him that, if she does what he asks, that she will be the one receiving the promotion. When he gives him word, Sinthia begins to undress.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 469.2 MB MB
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Monica Jade
Monica Jade: M2P - Undressing In The Rain
M2P - Undressing In The Rain
Time: 6 minutes 03 seconds
Monica, dressed in leathers, is made to go out into the pour rain and take off her clothes while her captor watches. She tries to resist getting naked under these conditions, but circumstances leave her with no choice.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 282.8 MB MB
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Monica Jade
Monica Jade: M2P - Deciding Vote
M2P - Deciding Vote
Time: 10 minutes 38 seconds
Monica has been invited by her boss to visit his home to discuss her future at the company. Monica is confused by being taken down to the basement of the house where it seems the boss wants to have a talk with her. It turns out that Monica and work colleague Amanda are both up for the same promotion, and the board is split between them, with the boss holding the deciding vote. He lays this out for Monica before admitting that he has a predilection for seeing women undress in front of him, and he asks Monica if she will strip in exchange for his vote. Monica hesitates and is on the verge of declining when the boss points out that, if she refuses, Amanda will get the job. Left with no choice, Monica agrees to remove her clothes with her boss watching. As uncomfortable as this makes her feel, the prospect of a promotion is all that really matters.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 499.2 MB
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Madison Swan
Madison Swan: M2P - I'm Going To Remove Your Clothes
M2P - I'm Going To Remove Your Clothes
Time: 10 minutes 43 seconds
Madison has been captured and tied standing in a basement, a gag covering her mouth to keep her quiet. She is waiting to find out what is going to happen to her next. She does not have to wait for long. A man enters and circles around her, admiring his catch. She's cute, but she would look even better without any clothes on. Instead of untying her and making her undress, he decides to remove her clothes himself. He retrieves a pair of scissors and begins cutting into her pants, followed by her top. Soon, all that protests her is a pair of panties, and they are not going to stay intact for long. Madison watches as the material of her panties is cut a little on either side until they are barely staying on. Just one more snip...

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 500.1 MB
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Tilly McReese
Tilly McReese: M2P - The Flight Attendant
M2P - The Flight Attendant
Time: 12 minutes 35 seconds
Tilly is just arriving home from the airport, having just worked an international flight, and she is looking forward to kicking off her shoes and relaxing. Before she can open the front door, however, a vehicle pulls into her driveway and a man climbs out. Tilly does not recognize him, until he tells her he was on her flight that morning. Now it starts coming back to her - that over-friendly passenger. He believes they have a connection and he decided to follow her home. Disturbed by this, Tilly explains that there was nothing in her behavior, that it is her job to be friendly to everyone on the flight. The man is very disappointed to discover this, but that does not stop him wanting to fulfill his fantasy, to have her undress and allow him to see her naked.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 587.8 MB
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Carissa Montgomery
Carissa Montgomery: M2P - She Ripped Off The Nightclub Owner
M2P - She Ripped Off The Nightclub Owner
Time: 12 minutes 30 seconds
Carissa has stolen money from the nightclub where she worked, and now she is on the run from her ex-boss. She enters the basement of a house and hides in a cupboard for hours, finally giving herself away when the house occupant is passing the door. He makes her come out and explain herself. Upon being pressed, Carissa admits to her crime and begs the man not to turn her in. Seeing an opportunity for some fun with this fugitive, the man tells her he may shelter her for a while if she is willing to strip in front of him. Carissa rolls her eyes, triggering the man to pick up his phone and call the police. She pleads with him not to do so and starts to remove her clothes. She tries to talk the man into letting her stop when she reaches her bra and panties, but he wants to whole show. Once the woman is naked, he pretends that he needs to think this over carefully, given the consequences of harboring a fugitive. To make sure she stays put, he digs out some plastic cuffs and secures her to a pole in the basement, making sure she does not leave without permission.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 586.7 MB
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Madison Swan
Madison Swan: M2P - The Decoy
M2P - The Decoy
Time: 8 minutes 48 seconds
Madison tries to give the appearance of wandering aimlessly past the back of a house, but she is hardly dressed appropriately for the countryside. In fact, her attire seems far more suited to ensnare the male interest. Does she encounter a man lurking here by chance, or is it by design. When he accuses her of deliberately looking for him, and working for the authorities as a decoy in an effort to expose him, her protestations seem sincerely. And yet, the man is not convinced. He has things to hide, and he fears this girl may be wearing a wire, recording everything he says. He decides that he must be sure and orders her to take off her clothes. Madison looks suitably outraged, but in the end she has no choice but to go along with his demands. He watches her as she undresses, looking for a transmitter, yes, but at the same time enjoying the girl's discomfort, and also looking forward to seeing her naked.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 414.0 MB
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Vonka Romanov
Vonka Romanov: M2P - Just Vonka: Volume 2
M2P - Just Vonka: Volume 2
Time: 62 minutes 08 seconds
1. Business Troubles
Vonka has been filing tax returns which contained small irregularities for years and no one seemed to notice, at least not until a tax auditor decided to have a closer look at the details. After complying with a request to submit additional paperwork, Vonka is visited by an auditor who explains to her that she is in a world of potential hurt, but also to reassure her that there is a way out of this situation, if she will only agree to take her clothes off. Vonka shifts uncomfortably in her seat, feigning lack of understanding. It's a hopeless stalling tactic; it's hardly likely that the auditor is going to change his mind.

2. Interview For A Nanny
Vonka is one of a number of candidates being interviewed for the post of nanny, and the man, Dave, is particularly anxious that he employ someone who will be a suitable role model. He compliments Vonka on dressing smartly which is very much in her favor when so many of her competitors are rather scruffy. Before offering her the job, however, Dave insists that Vonka remove all of her clothes so that he can inspect her body, just to make sure she is as clean as she claims to be.

3. Which Of You Is The Thief?
Lea and Vonka work in the same office and both get along well, at least until the boss insists that one of them is smuggling confidential information out of the company and marketing it for herself. Each girl protests her innocence so the boss tells both of them to take off their clothes so that he can check them over, and get several guys from accounting to come in and search their clothing. Now the girls start to turn on one another, each pretending that they are being humiliated because of the others misconduct.

4. Sordid Past
Vonka has a job as a public servant in local government, leading a very respectable life. Everything is going well for her until, one days, she receives a call from someone she knows just vaguely, telling her he needs to have a talk with her, and suggests meeting at her home. Irritated at having to leave work early, Vonka is far from pleased when she confronts this person. Her world starts to fall apart when he says he knows about her past, her little excursion into the world of adult entertainment, back when she needed to pay off a student loan. Vonka tries to dismiss the idea, but when the man threatens to call her work colleagues, she pleads with him to stop and asks what it is he wants.

5. Can I Hide Here?
Vonka knocks frantically on a neighbor's door, and when he answers she asks if she can come inside. She seems anxious to get off the street. She explains that he ex-boyfriend is loitering around outside her house waiting for her to come home, and that she really does not want to see him. She asks her neighbor if she can stay a while. He agrees provided that Vonka do something for him in exchange - take off her clothes. When Vonka refuses, he starts signaling through the window, trying to attract the attention of Vonka's ex. Vonka quickly stops him, and realizing the fix she is now in.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,902.0 MB
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Madison Swan
Madison Swan: M2P - I'm Just A Little Lost
M2P - I'm Just A Little Lost
Time: 15 minutes 43 seconds
Madison is an opportunist looking for something to steal. She checks out a car in a driveway but it's locked, and decides to walk around to the back of the house to see if there might be a way into the basement of the property. The door at the back turns out to be unlocked, but the property is not empty. She comes face to face with the occupant who wants to know what she is doing there. He does not buy her explanation that she is simply lost and searching for someone to help her. He might have called the police, but for all the bondage paraphernalia lying about the place, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. He makes Madison remove all of her clothes then lie on the bed. Metal cuffs are already attached to the bed, and Madison is ordered to lock her ankles and wrists into them. When she is secured, the occupant leaves her alone, promising to return later to have some fun with her.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 736.0 MB
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Cadence Lux
Cadence Lux: M2P - Inheritance
M2P - Inheritance
Time: 11 minutes 51 seconds
Cadence is about to go out when she encounters an old friend, Dave, who is about to knock on her door. She is surprised to see him, and he points out that she has not been to visit him in a very long time. Ever since she was young, he has made Cadence the sole beneficiary of his estate, which amounts to a tidy sum, but her prolonged absence from his life is giving him cause to reconsider. There is, after all, a cousin who is on hard times and might need it more. Cadence senses that something is wrong and invites the old man in for a chat, only to discover that he does intend to change his will unless she is willing to do something to demonstrate her affection for him, to wit, take all of her clothes off in his presence. Cadence is stunned by this request and says she feels very awkward about doing such a thing, especially since she has known him all her life. When he begins making further noises about changing his will, she starts to undress. She is disconcerted when Dave helps out a little, unhooking her bra, blowing on her exposed nipples, and even slapping her butt several times. Cadence wants to throw him out, but the thought of losing his estate stays her tongue, and she continues to strip.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 555.1 MB
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Compilation: F2P - Four in One: Volume 30
F2P - Four in One: Volume 30 (MP4)
Time: 44 minutes 00 seconds
1. Vika: May I Use Your Phone?k
Vika and her boyfriend have had an argument and he has thrown her out of his car, driving off with her purse and her cell phone. When the stranded girl comes across a house in the wilderness, she asks the owner if she can use his phone to call someone to come and collect her. He agrees that she can, but only if she is willing to take off her clothes in front of him. In fact, he won't even let her into the house until she is naked, even though there is a sharp autumn chill in the air. Vika is appalled that he would take advantage of her like this, but seeing that he really won't help her unless she complies, she begins to undress. The man encourages her to throw her clothing through the open door to avoid it getting dirty. Vika worries that he might shut the door and locked her out when she has removed all of her clothes, but he promises he would not do that... except, he does.

2. Rachel Adams: Cut Away
Rachel is a receptionist at a large company in the city, and one of the regular delivery men was very taken with her. However, Rachel had no time for this creepy old man and always did her best to ignore him. Perhaps it was not the best way to handle the situation, because on her way home one evening, the delivery man snatched her in a parking garage and drove her to a very remote place. He now has her chained up in his garage, and he has every intention of satisfying a desire that has haunted him for quite some time... he wants to see Rachel without her clothes. Since she would never willingly remove them for him, he is taking matters into his own hands and cutting them away from her body while she is chained up. Naturally, there is nothing Rachel can do to stop him.

3. Jamie Daniels: Unpaid Parking Tickets
Jamie has seven unpaid parking tickets, and it is apparent that she has no intention of paying them, insisting that they are unfair. When a cop shows up at her home to arrest her and take her to the station for processing, Jamie tries to get herself out of trouble by offering to perform community service. The cop informs her that she could do him a service, and maybe, just maybe he will let her off. Jamie looks guarded as she asks, "Like what?" When he suggests that she remove her clothes in front of him and allow him to see her naked, she replies, "No! Absolutely not!" The cop tells her to stand up and place her hands behind her back, at which point Jamie backs down and starts removing her dress.

4. Cadence Lux: She Can't Pay Her Fare
Having taken a taxi home from a business function, Cadence discovers that her purse is missing when the driver asks her to pay the fare. She deduces that the man who shared her taxi much have taken it, but the driver is not buying her story. He tells her that if she doesn't pay up, he will call the police. Cadence asks if there is some way they can settle this, so the driver suggests strip for him. Cadence looks shocked for a few moments, wondering if it would stop there. Faced with the legally complicated alternative, she feels she has no choice and reluctantly starts to remove her clothes. She stops at her bra and panties, but the driver insists that he wants to see everything before he considers the fare paid.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,062.7 MB
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Maci Wilde with Hannah Perez
Maci Wilde with Hannah Perez: M2P - The Model & Paparazzo enhanced
M2P - The Model & Paparazzo enhanced
Time: 22 minutes 19 seconds
1. The Model
A model is attending a clothed photo shoot and everything seems to be going along just fine, until the photographer decides that he wants Maci to pose naked. Maci is very reluctant, so the photographer suggests they can do some photos with her posing in lingerie. She agrees to this and removes her dress, allowing herself to be photographed in bra, panties and stockings. Then things get awkward when the photographer tells her that she won't be paid unless she poses nude. Maci is annoyed, but she definitely wants to collect her fee at the end of the shoot, so, reluctantly, she removes her bra, then peels off her stockings, and finally pulls down her panties. The photographer tells her not to cover up since he wants some really nice photos of her without clothes. At the end of the shoot when Maci is allowed to dress again, she realizes that she has laddered her stocking, and insists that the photographer can pay for those too.

2. Paparazzo
Hannah is a well-known actress always being followed and photographed by paparazzi. When she arrives home to find one of them, Maci, in her front yard taking photos of her, she grabs the camera and goes into her house with it. Maci follows and demands the return of her camera. Hannah looks through the photos and sees that there are hundreds. She threatens to delete them all unless Maci strips off her clothes in front of her and allows Hannah to take photographs of her naked. That way, as Hannah points out, she will have photos of Maci that she would not want leaked. Maci, afraid that Hannah really will delete several weeks work from the card, follows instructions and takes off her clothes. She attempts to stop at bra and panties but Hannah wants her to go all the way, and takes photos of the naked journalist to keep as collateral in the event that Maci ever stalks her again.

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