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Forced2Please: Candle Boxxx
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Forced2Please: Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx
Candle Boxxx: F2P - Price of Repair
F2P - Price of Repair (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 49 seconds
Candle has had her car repaired by low-cost repair shop because she has been unemployed and is broke. When she goes to pay with a credit card, the mechanic says he does not accept them and will take cash only. When Candle says she has no cash on her, the mechanic tells her she will have to come back when she can pay him, and in the meantime the car stays here. Candle explains that she must have the car in order to get to her new job, which is the only way she can pay her bills. Candle offers various forms of security but the mechanic is just not interested. When she pleads with him to compromise, he finally agrees to let her take the car and pay him later on the condition that she takes off all her clothes in front of him. Candle thinks she has misheard him and laughs nervously, but clearly he is serious. She refuses and decides to call for a cab, except she can't get cell reception in this out-of-the-way place. She is stuck! Finally, aware that she has no other choice, Candle capitulates to the mechanic's terms.

(1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 406.9 MB)
Candle Boxxx
Candle Boxxx: F2P - Never Pick Up A Hitchhiker
F2P - Never Pick Up A Hitchhiker (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 57 seconds
Candle kindly stops for a hitchhiker who claims that his car has broken down, but then she realizes she has not seen a car on the side of the road before encountering this guy. Suddenly, she finds out why! He is armed and holds her up, forcing her to turn off the road onto an unmade track. Some distance along the track he makes her stop the car and turn off the engine. The man tells Candle to stay where she is and take off her clothes. Candle thinks she must have misheard the man, but when he insists that she strip completely she is no longer in any doubt. Trying to persuade the man to just let her go, Candle starts to undress, taking as much time as she dare, but there is no way out of this situation. Little by little she removes all the clothes, concluding with her bra and panties. The man tells Candle to get out of the car, and standing in the cold and the rain, Candle watches him drive away with her car, her clothes, and he wallet containing her driver's license. Not knowing what else to do, Candle climbs a nearby bank as she goes in search of help.

(1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 384.4 MB)
Candle Boxxx, Hannah Perez, Carissa Montgomery & Autumn Bodell
Candle Boxxx, Hannah Perez, Carissa Montgomery & Autumn Bodell: F2P - The Missing Chip
F2P - The Missing Chip (WMV & MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 32 seconds
A new microchip design is about to make the company ChipTec a great deal of money, but there is a problem. One of the new chips is missing and the CEO suspects the thief is one of the company's four secretaries, but which one? Rather than involve the authorities, he hires a fixer to handle the situation. The fixer intercepts the four women as they are leaving work and drives them to a very remote spot where no one will hear them if they cry for help. He tells them that he knows one of them has the chip concealed about her person and suggests she owns up now. When no one does, he orders the women to take off all their clothes and leave them in a pile on the floor. They all resist but when he threatens them they realize they have no choice but to comply. Once they are naked, he makes the naked women turn around so that he can check that one of them doesn't have the chip taped to her body. Finding nothing, he sends them on their way, back through the woods. He can now search through their clothing at his leisure to recover the missing chip, and identify which girl is the thief for the ChipTec's CEO.

(WMV: 330.3 MB - 1280x720 pixels; MP4: 329.8 MB - 1920x1080 pixels)
WMV: $6.99

Candle Boxxx & Autumn Bodell
Candle Boxxx & Autumn Bodell: F2P - Perks Of The Job
F2P - Perks Of The Job (WMV & MP4)
Time: 27 minutes 21 seconds
Office Autumn Bodell has pulled over a female driver who was, she explains, driving too fast. The driver, Candle, denies this, but the cop says she has run Candle's places and a number of outstanding violations showed up on her computer. She orders Candle out of the vehicle and then handcuffs her. Because Candle arrived home before the cop caught up to her, Autumn suggests that they go inside. Once there, she removes Candle's handcuffs and asks her if she wants to be arrested and possibly end up in prison, where they do nasty things to pretty girls like her, or does she want to obey the cop's instructions now? Autumn orders Candle to take of all of her clothes, and once she has her victim naked, Autumn begins squeezing her breasts and kissing her. She considers this abuse of power one of the perks of her job. Candle is clearly repelled by the cop's attentions but cannot do anything to prevent what is happening; at least, not until she make a surprise grab and disarms the cop. Now she is in control and makes the cop handcuff herself. Candle then unzips the woman's tunic and begins squeezing her breasts in return. Autumn tries to talk her way out of trouble, but Candle is just getting started. Soon, she makes Autumn strip off before replacing the handcuffs. Candle then goes out to Autumn's patrol car and comes back with legs irons, a zip tie, a handkerchief and a roll of duct tape. It is not long before Autumn is trapped in a hogtie and has her mouth stuffed and gagged. Now Candle can play with her to her heart's content.

WMV: 1280x720 pixels - 1,059.0 MB - MP4: 1920x1280 pixels - 1,057.3 MB
WMV: $8.99

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