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Forced2Please: Jennifer
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Jennifer: F2P - Humiliating Jennifer
F2P - Humiliating Jennifer (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 08 seconds
Jennifer is a hedge fund manager who has been insider trading for quite some time. She is extremely good at covering her tracks and no one has caught on, no one that is except for one man who lost everything because of vital market information she suppressed until she had sold her shares in his company, now in liquidation. He hasn't been able to prove anything against her, so he decides to take the law into his own hands. He grabs Jennifer and takes her to the basement of his house. He makes Jennifer remove her clothes in front of him before forcing her to sit on a chair with her legs apart. He secures her wrists with plastic cuffs and uses zip ties to secure her ankles to the side struts supporting the chair legs. Now Jennifer cannot close her legs, meaning she cannot hide her vagina or even her breasts. With a cloth in her mouth sealed in with duct tape, Jennifer can't object to this humiliating treatment, or even negotiate with this guy. She had her chance, but now the time for talking is over.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 605.2 MB)
Jennifer: F2P - You Need To Undress, Ma'am
F2P - You Need To Undress, Ma'am (WMV & MP4)
Time: 6 minutes 04 seconds
Jennifer has been arrested for white collar crime and is being transported from her local police station to a penitentiary on the opposite side of the state. The police force has access to a property around the half way point of the journey where they can overnight to avoid traveling in the dark. Regulations regarding the treatment of prisoners under this circumstances are clear; they must remove all their clothes to ensure they are not concealing anything untoward about their person, and once naked, they must be handcuffed to keep them out of mischief. This has the added advantage of preventing them covering their breasts and vagina. The cop transporting her may or may not be sticking to the proper regulations, but his prisoner is hardly likely to argue with him.

(Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels - WMV: 438.2 MB - MP4: 435.2 MB)
WMV: $3.99
Jennifer: F2P - Fired
F2P - Fired (WMV & MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 09 seconds
Jennifer works in Human Resources at her company, and has the unenviable job of firing people when they don't make the grade with their work. Today is a particular trying encounter when she tries to fire Dave, an employee who has been with the company for years and resents these HR people for passing judgment on him. At the end of the interview, he storms our hurling abuse and threatening to get even. This reaction is not all that unusual and Jennifer thinks nothing more of it, at least not until she arrives home and finds that Dave has broken into her house. He rants at her about how humiliating it is to be fired for a job, and he now plans to turn the tables. He forces Jennifer to take off her clothes in front of him to see how she handles humiliation. She stalls and tries to avoid going through with it, but when Dave offers to undress her and tries to unbutton her top, she realizes that she does not have any choice. With enormous reluctance, she strips off in front of him, listening to his taunts about how he will get her to call in sick and spend a lot of time with her while she is naked.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - WMV: 354.9 MB - MP4: 351.6 MB)

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