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Forced2Please: Lea Hart
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Forced2Please: Lea Hart

Lea Hart
Lea Hart: F2P - A Place To Hide
F2P - A Place To Hide (WMV & MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 05 seconds
A man on the run is looking for a place to hide from the authorities. He spots Lea arriving home from work, and just as she is about to close her door he forces his way inside, holding her up to stop her resisting. He apologies and explains that he just needs to lie low for a while. His primary concern is that the girl may have some means of communication about her person. She promises she is not carrying a cellphone, but he wonders if she might have a bluetooth device concealed somewhere in her clothing. Just to be sure, he orders her to undress. Lea protests that this is ridiculous, but realizing that the man is perfectly serious she slowly starts to take off her clothes as her circles around her, watching. Lea removes her skirt and her top, then her pantyhose, bra and finally her panties. She hopes that after the intruder has inspected her and made sure she is not does have any means to summon help, that he will allow her to get dressed again. But no such luck; he seems to be enjoying the site of her standing before him naked. It looks like she is in for a very long, uncomfortable evening.

(1920x1080 pixels - WMV: 642.7 MB; MP4: 273.8 MB)
WMV: $3.99
Lea Hart
Lea Hart: F2P - Don't Get Me Fired
F2P - Don't Get Me Fired (WMV & MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 30 seconds
Lea is convinced that a senior partner at the firm where she works has got it in for her and wants to get her fired. Believing that he has been sending out paperwork containing negative remarks about her, she breaks into his home while he is out and starts rifling through papers and checking his computer. The last thing she expects is for him to walk in and catch her. Her colleague demands to know what she is doing in his home, as if he didn't know. He tells Lea that he can call the authorities and have her arrested for breaking and entering, and her defense that she did not take anything will do her little good. Armed, the man makes Lea take off all her clothes, then takes her to his living room where he has some plastic handcuffs in a drawer. He makes her kneel down before he secures her wrists behind her back, and then ratchets another pair of cuffs closed around her ankles. Naked and bound, Lea is now helpless and cannot stop her colleague from duct taping her mouth shut. He tells her he is going to check his office to see if she had uncovered anything sensitive, and later on he will call the cops, informing them when they arrive that Lea broke in naked, and will have to be arrested and taken in without clothing.

(Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels - WMV: 678.7 MB - MP4: 674.4 MB)
WMV: $8.99
Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov
Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov: F2P - Withdraw the Complaint
F2P - Withdraw the Complaint (WMV & MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 59 seconds
Student Lea Hart has filed a complaint citing misconduct by a teacher (Vonka Romanov) who humiliated her in front of the other students. Vonka faces possible dismissal unless Lea retracts her complaint, so she goes to see the girl in an attempt to persuade her to see reason and let the matter drop. Lea says the complaint stands unless Vonka is prepared to suffer some humiliation too. When asked what that is, Lea says she must remove all her clothes and let Lea see her naked. Vonka indignantly refuses, citing this as entirely inappropriate conduct, but Lea remains steadfast that the complaint will stand, with all its consequences, unless her teacher complies with her wishes. Very reluctantly, Vonka undresses herself in front of her student. Even when she is naked, Lea continues with her mocking attitude, culminating in Vonka slapping her across the face before storming out of the room, still unclothed.

(1920x1280 pixels - WMV: 425.2 MB; MP4: 421.3 MB)
WMV: $5.99

Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov
Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov: F2P - Which Of You Is The Thief?
F2P - Which Of You Is The Thief? (WMV & MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 29 seconds
Lea and Vonka work in the same office and both get along well, at least until the boss insists that one of them is smuggling confidential information out of the company and marketing it for herself. Each girl protests her innocence so the boss tells both of them to take off their clothes so that he can check them over, and get several guys from accounting to come in and search their clothing. Now the girls start to turn on one another, each pretending that they are being humiliated because of the others misconduct. When lea refuses to take off her dress, Vonka, already partially naked, forcibly removes it for her. At the boss's repeated insistence, each girl is made to removes her bra and panties and then stand there naked until their clothes have been searched. Vonka asks if she can wait anywhere that Lea is not, but the boss makes them stay together. In protest, the girls turn their backs on one another.

(1920x1280 pixels - WMV: 522.1 MB; MP4: 517.3 MB)
WMV: $6.99

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