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Forced2Please: Alexis
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Forced2Please: Alexis

Alexis & Keri Spectrum
Alexis & Keri Spectrum: F2P - If You Want My Help
F2P - If You Want My Help (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 21 seconds
Alexis and Keri share an office. Keri is growing weary of Alexis who just can't seem to get her head around her job and is always asking for Keri's help. This time, Keri tells her "no", pointing out that she is being paid to do one job, not two. Alexis pleads for her assistance, worrying that she might lose her job if she can't complete her allotted tasks. Finally, Keri tells her colleague that if she wants help this time, she will have to do something in return. Alexis can't believe it when Keri tells her to strip naked, questioning her motives. Keri insists that this is the price of receiving her help. Alexis refuses at first but then realizes she has been backed into a corner and has no choice. Reluctantly, she starts to take off her clothes, trying to dissuade Keri from making her remove everything, but Keri is adamant. Once Alexis is naked, Keri moves over to her desk and starts showing Alexis what to do. That's when the boss walks in and catches one of his employees naked. Alexis is mortified, and when asked what the hell is going on, Keri says that she has been playing to file a sexual harassment complaint against Alexis. That's when Alexis realizes that the whole thing was a set up.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 400.5 MB)
Alexis & Keri Spectrum
Alexis & Keri Spectrum: F2P - Exam Dilemma
F2P - Exam Dilemma (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 06 seconds
Alexis is sitting a paper to make up her grades, under the supervision of Keri, one of her teachers. Alexis keeps complaining that this is not how she envisaged spending her Saturday, and feeling the woman to be ungrateful for this opportunity to allow her to stay on, she decides she has had enough and tells Alexis she is expelled, to take her things and there's the door. Alexis starts to back-peddle now, realizing things have come to a head. She tries to persuade Keri not to expel her, but Keri is not interested, not, that is, unless Alexis wants to do something for her. Keri tells her she can continue to sit the paper provided she does so sans her clothes, which is to say naked. She persuades Alexis to undress in front of her, and realizing that she really has no choice, Alexis complies. She is then told to sit back at her desk and continue working which naked.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 349.5 MB)

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