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Forced2Please: Becky LeSabre
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Forced2Please: Becky LeSabre

Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Rachel Adams
Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Rachel Adams, Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: F2P - Four in One: Volume 17
F2P - Four in One: Volume 17 (MP4)
Time: 40 minutes 42 seconds
1. Vonka Romanov & Cadence Lux: Naked in the Snow
16 minutes 01 seconds
Jasmine and Asher have a very perverted idea of fun. They like to intercept girls and make them remove their clothes, primarily so that Jasmine can steal them. On this occasion, they have intercepted Cadence on Vonka just before they got to their car to go out, forcing them around to the back of the house and making them stand in the snow. Jasmine is excited by their outfits and she and Asher tell the girls to undress. It's below freezing and the snow is icy; the last thing Cadence and Vonka want to do is remove their clothes. When they hesitate, the crazy couple decide to help them out, pulling off their coats for a better look at their victims. Cadence tells them to just take their money and Vonka offers her car, but Jasmine is far more interested in making her remove her dress. Asher, meanwhile, is undressing Vonka. Soon, the two girls are standing there in only bra and panties. It isn't long before Jasmine wants these too. The last things the couple take from the two girls are their shoes, leaving them standing barefoot in the snow. Cadence and Vonka are shaking with the cold, huddling up to one another from time to time in an effort to stay warm, but it's not working. The girls have to watch as Jasmine changes her clothes, donning all of Cadence's garments. When Jasmine and Asher prepare to leave, Cadence says, "Are you just going to leave us here, with no clothes or shoes." Jasmine just keeps them waiting for a while longer. Before departing, Jasmine calls back to them, "It's really cold out here. You guys should get some clothes." (This clip should only have been about ten minutes long, but Jasmine was enjoying herself so much that she went into mega-bitch mode, keeping poor Cadence and Vonka standing there naked twice as long as we planned. The girls rushed indoors when filming was over and lay down on the floor with their feet up against a radiator. And they thought Jasmine was such a nice girl when they first met her!).

2. Rachel Adams: It Wasn't Me
10 minutes 41 seconds
Sometimes, a cop has the enviable job of calling on a young woman who has been irrefutably caught break the law. In this case, he has called on Rachel Adams who has been caught on CCTV stealing clothes from a department store, the very clothes she is still wearing. It is the cop's job to seize those clothes as evidence for the prosecution when her case goes to court. One way to ensure that the clothes are obtained without damage is to make her remove them while he looks on. Rachel insists that she is innocent, declaring, "It wasn't me." The cop has seen the security footage and is absolutely convinced it was her. He forces her to strip out of all her clothes, then handcuffs her wrists together behind her back. He gathers up the clothes in order to take them out to his cruiser and place them in an evidence bag. He orders Rachel not to attempt running away, not that she is likely to flee into the street while naked and handcuffed. Grumbling to herself, she tries to get out of the cuffs in the cop's absence, but she can't. She knows she has been caught and sits down, waiting somewhat irritably for the officer's return.

3. Hannah Perez: Shoplifting Again
7 minutes 28 seconds)
Hannah has been shoplifting again, this time from a department store called Marcy's. She does not realize that she was seen on closed-circuit TV, leaving the store without paying. The cops are called, and Hannah is soon forced to pull over onto the shoulder. A cop comes up to her window and asks to see her driver's license and registration. She can only produce the registration document which does help her case. When she asks what is wrong, the officer explains that she is wearing stolen clothes. He makes her step out of the vehicle and undress so that he can bag and tag the clothing as evidence. Hannah pleads with him not to make her do this on the roadside but the cop is adamant. She gets angry and pushes him, escalating the situation. The cop is now becoming angry and orders her to strip. With great reluctance, Hannah complies. When she is finally naked, the cop handcuffs her and marches her away to his cruiser.

4. Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: Take Off Your Clothes
7 minutes 30 seconds
Becky and Sara Liz are just hanging out in the kitchen, Becky texting and Sara washing dishes, when a man bursts into the house and holds them up. The girls huddle together as the man threatens them, ordering them to take off all their clothes. Mystified, they start to undress, wondering what the world is coming to - there was a time when people broke into houses to steal valuables, but these days there seems to be a spate of robberies involving clothing. The girls are forced to strip and place their clothes in a plastic bag for the thief to take away with him. They watch as he departs, inviting him not to come back.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,869.1 MB)
Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - The Campaigner
F2P - The Campaigner (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 31 seconds
It's election time and Becky is out campaigning, going from door to door and trying to engage residents, hoping to persuade them to vote for her party, the progressives who want to face the future rather than hide in the past. Alas, she encounters one crusty old guy who has been a Republican all his life and will never change his mind, no matter how logical the argument. When Becky persists, he loses patience with her and, much to her surprise and alarm, he holds her up! Becky just wants to leave now but she dare not trying to open the door and make a run for it. Her alarm turns to horror when the old guy tells her he wants to thoroughly humiliate her, and orders her to take off her clothes. Becky drops her folder, shaking her head, refusing to do as she is told. When the threat level increases, she decides that she perhaps should humor this crazy old bastard. She begins to undress, and feels thoroughly humiliated as she is told to remove her blouse, then her skirt, then her stockings, then her bra and finally her panties. Just when Becky believes the situation could not get any more embarrassing, the old guy tells her to pick up her folder and leave, without her clothes. Becky is mortified, but anything is better than staying here with this crazy old coot.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 488.2 MB)
Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - You're Not Serious
F2P - You're Not Serious (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 04 seconds
Becky is asking Dave to loan her a substantial sum of money. True, she has borrowed before and paid back, but this time the loan is so much bigger than Dave is concerned she will not be able to pay it back if things go wrong in her business venture. Becky pleads with him to trust her, but it's a big ask. She even offers her car as collateral. After some debate culminating in Becky offering to do pretty much anything, Dave tells her there is something she could do, but points out that she isn't going to like it. Becky waits expectantly, then looks a little shell-shocked when she hears him ask her to take off her clothes. When she recovers a little, Becky asks, "Are You Serious?" The answer is affirmative. Becky still tries to negotiate another path to the loan, but it proves futile. When Dave stands up and comes over to her, making her stand up so that he can start undressing her, Becky looks so embarrassed, but she knows this is the only way to save her business. She lets Dave help her remove her clothes, doing her best to cover her breasts when he takes her bra. To stop her hiding herself, Dave takes one of Becky's stockings and uses it to tie her wrists together behind her back. Now there will be no more covering up. Now Dave only needs to attend to one more item of clothing; her panties.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 834.6 MB)

Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - The Probation Officer
F2P - The Probation Officer (WMV & MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Becky has been a bad girl, arrested for disorderly conduct and damage to public property. Rather than send her to jail, the judge decides that she should pay a fine and serve four months of community service. Three months into this period, Becky approaches her probation officer to ask if she can take a week off to go on a surprise vacation her family has arranged for her. When the probation officer refuses, Becky starts to plead with him, perhaps offering to do more than she should. She immediately regrets her words when her P.O. tells her he will only sign the paperwork to release her for a week if she strips off in front of him. It's a hard choice, but Becky badly wants that vacation. At first she is just embarrassed, but her concern grows when the P.O. turns her around and unhooks her bra for her. Is this going to get out of hand?

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 400.5 MB; MP4: 400.2 MB)
Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - The Judge
F2P - The Judge (WMV & MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 23 seconds
Becky has been brought up on criminal charges and faces a long time in prison, unless the judge can be persuaded to go easy on her. She goes to him home to plead for leniency. The judge is alarmed that she was able to find out where he lives. When she literally begs him to give her light sentence, he suggests that a good start would be to undress in front of him, but given that she is still dressed in a way that suggests she is just going to continue in the same lifestyle that got her into trouble, he does not feel inclined to accommodate her. When Becky persists, he decides that maybe she can have a lighter sentence if she is willing to remove her clothes in front of him. Becky is a little taken-aback by this, but she knows this is likely to be the only chance she will get to win the judge over. She begins to undress, putting on a reluctant show for him, and even has to tolerate him getting very close to her once she is naked.

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 440.6 MBĀ  - MP4: 441.7 MB)
Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - The Bank Manager
F2P - The Bank Manager (WMV & MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 17 seconds
After being turned down for a loan at her bank, Becky decides to take the bold step of finding out where the bank manager lives, and then going to visit him wearing only a skimpy top and shorts, hoping to persuade him to reconsider his position on the declined loan. The bank manager is a little put out that she would come to his home with the obvious intention of trying to manipulate him, so when Becky pleads her case as to how badly she needs the money, he decides to do a little manipulation of his own. He tells Becky that if she wants him to reconsider her case, she needs to strip off in front of him. Becky thinks he must be joking and starts to laugh, but it soon becomes clear that the bank manager is very serious indeed.

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 400.1 MB; MP4: 396.4 MB)

Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - I Need A Tow
F2P - I Need A Tow (WMV & MP4)
Time: 15 minutes 49 seconds
Becky car has broken down during her drive to work. She manages to get it well off the road for safety and she has the hood up, hoping to see something obvious that's wrong. Unable to spot anything, she calls a towing company to come and help her, just before her phone's battery expires. After quite a wait, a tow truck arrives. Becky greets the driver enthusiastically, glad that she will soon be on her way. When the driver asks for payment up front, Becky realizes that she left her wallet at home. She can't even pay using her phone since it is without power. She tries to persuade the driver to tow her car while promising to pay him as soon as they arrive at the shop, but the driver is highly skeptical. Becky is growing desperate and wants to find a way out of this. She notices the driver is looking at her in a sexual way, and she pulls her jacket closed to ward off his interest. He finds this a little amusing, but is also gives him an idea. He tells Becky that if she is willing to strip in front of him, right there and then, he will give her the benefit of the doubt at tow her car; if not, she will have to fend for herself. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Becky realizes she has only one option if she ever wants to get to work today, and begins removing her clothes.

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 615.9 MB; MP4: 616.5 MB)
Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - I Need Your Signature
F2P - I Need Your Signature (WMV & MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 08 seconds
Dave enjoys living in a secluded location, and all is well until Becky purchases an adjacent plot of land and builds an ostentatious house, blocking his view. One thing she overlooked in her haste was the matter of access, and when it turns out that she has none, she needs Dave to sign an easement so that she can drive to her house. Already pissed off at her, Dave has no intention of signing anything. Becky tries to play the nice neighbor card to win him over, but nothing is working. Finally, Dave tells her that if she wants him to sign anything, she will have to remove all of her clothes in front of him. Becky laughs, telling him that this will never happen. When Dave shows her the door and tells her to leave, Becky realizes that he has her backed into a corner, and that the only way out is to comply with his wishes. Finally, she starts to undress, desperately trying to think of another solution to her problem, but really, there isn't one.

(1920x1080 pixels - WMV: 470.1 MB; MP4: 469.0 MB)
WMV: $5.99
Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz
Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: F2P - Take Off Your Clothes
F2P - Take Off Your Clothes (WMV & MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
Becky and Sara Liz are just hanging out in the kitchen, Becky texting and Sara washing dishes, when a man bursts into the house and holds them up. The girls huddle together as the man threatens them, ordering them to take off all their clothes. Mystified, they start to undress, wondering what the world is coming to - there was a time when people broke into houses to steal valuables, but these days there seems to be a spate of robberies involving clothing. The girls are forced to strip and place their clothes in a plastic bag for the thief to take away with him. They watch as he departs, inviting him not to come back.

(Resolution: 1280x720 pixels - WMV: 341.3 MB; MP4: 289.2 MB)
WMV: $4.99

Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz
Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz: F2P - Abuse of Authority
F2P - Abuse of Authority (WMV & MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 20 seconds
Becky is suspected of been selling drugs at her place of work, and her supervisor has notified the police. Officer Becky LeSabre has been dispatched to investigate the accusation. Becky is just emerging from the house to go to work as Sara arrives. When Becky tries to slam the door in the officer's face, she immediately assumes Becky's guilt and decides that she will have to treat her appropriately. Inside the house, Sara orders Becky to strip so that she can check for any concealed drugs. Becky resists and Sara is compelled to give her some assistance undressing. Because of Becky's uncooperative attitude, Sara decides to handcuff her prisoner. This seems to trigger her own evil side as she searches the naked girl; Sara begins to abuse her authority by groping her prisoner's breasts and checking her butt for contraband. When she finds nothing, she informs Becky that she is going to search the house and that she had better stay put. In Sara's absence, Becky recovers a hairpin from her jacket pocket and manages to pick the locks on the handcuffs - no novice to this situation is she. She jumps up and hides before Sara returns. When the police woman enters the room, Becky gets the drop on her and disarms her. Now she is in control and she orders Sara to take off her uniform. Sara seriously resists so Becky ends up undressing the officer herself. Eventually, Sara is down on her knees and completely naked. Becky now forces the girl to lock herself in her own handcuffs. Now it's Becky's turn to have some fun probing the naked police officer. In fact, she enjoys herself so much that she decides to call in sick for the day so that she can carry on having fun with this very cute cop.

(Resolution: 1280x720 pixels - WMV: 768.2 MB - MP4: 767.5 MB)
WMV: $8.99
Becky LeSabre
Becky LeSabre: F2P - Repossession Or Strip
F2P - Repossession Or Strip (WMV & MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 16 seconds
Becky defaulted on her truck payments and is currently three months in arrears, with a fourth payment due within the week. Nor surprisingly, the bank which gave her the loan has sent out one of their freelance repo companies to repossess the truck. When the head guy catches up to Becky and tells her he has to take her vehicle, Becky argues that if he takes her only means of transportation, she won't ever be able to pay the loan back. She asks him to give her a break, not something people like this are apt to do. In this case, however, she may have got lucky, although luck might hardly be the word she would use. The guys tells her he will persuade the bank to give her a little more time to pay if she will do something for him right there and then, and that is to remove her clothes and let him (and his men in a nearby tow truck) see her naked. Becky laughs, thinking this must be a prank of some kind, but gradually it dawns on her that the man is totally serious. She says she could not possibly do something like that, so the guy walks away and calls his men to hook up Becky's truck. Realizing that she has just lost her only bargaining trip, Becky calls him back. Looking as if she might start to cry at any moment, she starts to undress, admitting that she is acutely embarrassed by the prospect of having to remove all of her clothes, but also admits that, if she wants to hold on to her truck, she has absolutely no choice.

(Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels - WMV: 476.7 MB - MP4: 473.9 MB)
WMV: $6.99

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