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Forced2Please: Desiree Lopez
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Forced2Please: Desiree Lopez

Desiree Lopez
Desiree Lopez: F2P - Planning Regulations
F2P - Planning Regulations (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 34 seconds
Desiree has had an extension added to her home, and now that the job is complete a planning inspector is visiting to check that the work followed all the regulations laid down by the local planning authority. Already running late for work, Desiree looks at her watch and wonders if the inspector can move things along. He explains that there are a few minor issues that need to be addressed, but he is willing to overlook them and sign off on the project if Desiree is willing to do a little something for him in return. When he proposes that she remove all her clothes in front of him and allow him to see her naked in exchange for his signature on the form, she laughs. When she starts to appreciate that he is serious, she threatens to contact his superiors and report him. The inspector merely shrugs and explains that it will be necessary for her to resubmit all the paperwork and pay for another inspection when the corrections have been made. As he start to walk away, Desiree calls him back, desperate to resolve the issue. When she finds herself unable to negotiate with the man, she finally agrees to undress. She removes her jacket and unbuttons her blouse, looking distressed as the inspector circles around her, watching her remove one item of clothing after another, and offering to help her out whenever she starts to stall. It is not long before he has his wish when she stands before her in the nude. Happy now, the inspector signs the form and departs, leaving Desiree looking a little shell-shocked by the experience.

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Desiree Lopez
Desiree Lopez: F2P - Restrained & Exposed
F2P - Restrained & Exposed (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 21 seconds
Desiree has been captured and taken to a house where a bed is situated in the first room where she enters. She is forced to lie down on the bed and extend her arms. Her wrists are zip tied to the bed frame, and then her ankles are ziptied together. Her captor disappears for a short time and returns with a pair of scissors. Desiree looks on helplessly as the man starts to cut her dress, first turning the skirt into a vented garment, then cutting all the way up to the top until the garment falls apart, exposing her bra and panties. Not satisfied with this, the man cuts off her underwear, first her bra and then her panties, leaving her restrained and naked and helpless. To make sure she doesn't start shouting for help and possibly attract the attention of one of his neighbours, the man gags his captive with duct tape, then leaves her lying there naked and unable to move, and certainly not able to cover herself.

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Desiree Lopez
Desiree Lopez: F2P - Pity You Had To Show Up
F2P - Pity You Had To Show Up (MP4)
Time: 4 minutes 25 seconds
It's unfortunate that Desiree arrives home from work just as a burglar is leaving her house. It's February; it's cold, and he decides that the best way to stop her going for help is to make her strip naked. Desiree tries to resist but she really has no choice, and garment by garment, her work clothes have to come off until she is standing there, nude and frozen. Her nipples are standing up, her teeth are chattering, and the burglar has no mercy - he takes her clothes and her house/car keys.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 169.7 MB
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Desiree Lopez
Desiree Lopez: F2P - Traffic Violation
F2P - Traffic Violation (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 02 seconds
When Desiree is pulled over for speeding, the cop asks for her driving documents. When she fails to produce them, she is ordered out of her vehicle. The cops says he is going to write up her offenses, leading Desiree to plead with him that she can't get another speeding ticket. Realizing the girl is clearly a repeat offender, the cop offers her a way out - strip in front of him or risk doing jail time and a large fine. Desiree objects to this treatment, and the cop decides to add resisting arrest to the list of potential charges. When she insults him by calling him a douche, he starts to think up additional charges, making it clear that Desiree had better undress very soon or else. When he gets a call on his radio summoning him away, he tells the girl she had better strip off quickly or he will have to leave and simply write up the list of charges. Backed into a corner, Desiree takes off her dress, then does everything she can to stall. The cop steps in to give her a hand, making sure she ends up completely naked. He even takes her clothes with him when he leaves, leaving her to drive home naked in order to add to her humiliation.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 424.1 MB
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