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Forced2Please: Jamie Knotts
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Forced2Please: Jamie Knotts

Jamie Knotts
Jamie Knotts: F2P - Unfair Dismissal
F2P - Unfair Dismissal (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 30 seconds
Jamie arrives home to find an ex-employee in her kitchen. Once she gets over the shock, she demands to know what the hell he is doing there. He starts talking about his unfair dismissal at her hands, but Jamie is not interested in hearing what he has to say, at least not before he holds her up. Seeing that the situation is serious, Jamie tries to negotiate with the man, offering him his job back, but he knows this is only a ploy to defuse the situation. Rather than having back a job he doesn't really want, the man is more than happy to settle for humiliating Jamie. He orders her to take off her clothes, something she initially refuses to do until the man menaces her. With great reluctance, she removes her jacket and unbuttons her blouse, still trying to find a way to talk her way out of trouble. It doesn't work, and the man forces her to keep going until she is completely naked. He passes her a set of handcuffs, orders her to put them on, then makes her step outside onto her deck with her neighbors will be able to see her.

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Jamie Knotts
Jamie Knotts: F2P - Scoop
F2P - Scoop (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 16 seconds
Jamie is a private investigator posing as a reporter who wants an exclusive interview with a man suspected of running a crime syndicate, ostensibly to get a scoop for her paper. The man has agreed to talk to her to tell his side of the story, but when she pulls out a pen and a note pad, he tells her that he does not want the interview electronically recorded. Jamie insists that she is not carrying any recording devices, but the man didn't get where he is by believing everything he is told. He instructs his bodyguard to search the reporter. The bodyguard frisks her, which including groping her breasts and putting his hands up her skirt to check for anything she may be concealing. He concludes that Jamie is clean, but his boss is still wary. He says he wants her to remove all of her clothes just to make sure. Jamie balks at this idea and says she can't undress in front of two strange men. At this point, the man says there will be no interview and starts to walk away. Jamie quickly calls him back. She desperately wants him to incriminate himself so that she can arrest him and gloat over the police who have failed so far to bring him in. Reluctantly, she starts to remove her clothes - jacket, blouse, skirt, pantyhose. She tries to stop at this point, insisting that she has no concealed recorder. The man insists that she remove everything and even offers to have his bodyguard help her, but she says she can manage, and warns the bodyguard not to touch her again. When she is finally naked, the men seem satisfied, but then the man realizes they have not checked her purse. His bodyguard reaches into it and pulls out a pair of handcuffs, a Walther, and he then sees her ID. The bodyguard informs the boss that Jamie is a private detective. They make Jamie kneel down and they lock her wrists in her own cuffs. Now she is in big trouble.

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