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Forced2Please: Jasmine St James
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Forced2Please: Jasmine St James

Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James
Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James: F2P - The Benefits Officer
F2P - The Benefits Officer (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 19 seconds
Jasmine has been claiming unemployment benefit for some time and appears not to be trying to get a job, which brings an Unemployment Benefit Officer to her door to find out why she is not having any success. The Benefits Office, Candle, suggests that perhaps Jasmine is applying for jobs outside of her skill set in order to get turned down, allowing her to continue claiming benefits. When Jasmine objects violently to this suggestion, Candle decides that she has all the information she needs and will return to the office to recommend that the girl's benefits be terminated. Sensing what is going to happen, Jasmine takes the drastic step of holding up the Benefits Officer, preventing her from leaving. Candle tries to reason with this crazy girl, but all that gets her is an instruction to take off all her clothing. It seems that Jasmine has come up with a way to turn the situation to her advantage, by photographing this official in the nude, forcing her to strike a seductive pose and look happy about it, then threatening to post the image on social media unless her benefit checks keep rolling in. Candle has no choice but to agree to the girl's terms and gratefully flees, still only half dressed, when Jasmine lets her go.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 476.1 MB
Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James
Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James: F2P - Mutiny In The Ranks
F2P - Mutiny In The Ranks (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 20 seconds
Candle has been extorting money from her work colleague Jasmine for month to keep quiet about an indiscretion on Jasmine's part. Unwilling to take it any more, Jasmine arrives at Candle's home to inform her that she will not be paying her any more money and that she can go to hell. As Jasmine turns to leave, Candle hits her over the head, and when she recovers Jasmine finds herself attached to a chair with zip ties and duct tape. Candle explains that if Jasmine won't give her any more money then she will have to get it by other means. Candle gags Jasmine and goes to call someone whom she believes will pay her well for the girl. Later, Candle returns and partially frees Jasmine in order to march her outside where they will soon meet a buyer who has plans for Jasmine. In desperation, Jasmine rams into Candle and knocks her over. While Candle lies dazed Jasmine has just a few seconds to cut through the zip tie holding her wrists then hit Candle over the head> She succeeds, and when Candle recovers she finds herself naked and attached to a pole by a collar around her neck. Zip ties bind her wrists and ankles, preventing her from undoing the collar. Jasmine now relishes wrapping duct tape around Candle's naked body, pinning her to the pole from head to foot. Finally, she gags Candle with duct tape, explain that when the buyer arrives, she will tell him that her name is Candle and take the money he pays for the girl he will believe is called Jasmine.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 610.9 MB
Jessica & Jasmine St James
Jessica & Jasmine St James: F2P - Escaped Convict
F2P - Escaped Convict (MP4)
Time: 5 minutes 03 seconds
Jessica is out jogging through the woods to keep fit, unaware that just ahead of her escaped convict Jasmine is lurking behind a tree. As Jessica passes her hiding place, Jasmine jumps out and grabs the woman, threatening her harm if she does not do as she is told. The orange DOC suit informs Jessica that she is face to face with a criminal, perhaps a dangerous one, so when jasmine demands that she take off her clothes, she complies. As Jessica undresses, Jasmine sheds her orange suit and starts putting on the jogger's clothing. In a final act of meanness, Jasmine makes Jessica take off her panties, saying she will use them to help through her pursuers off the scent. She then runs off with a naked Jessica calling after her. As Jasmine recedes into the distance, Jessica turns and continues her journey home, hoping now that she will not meet anyone else on the way.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 196.0 MB

Jessica & Jasmine St James
Jessica & Jasmine St James: F2P - Forced to Strip
F2P - Forced to Strip (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 51 seconds
Jessica is relaxing in front of the TV unaware that Jasmine is sneaking up behind her. Jasmine clamps a hand over Jessica's mouth and orders her not to make a sound when it is removed. She marches Jessica into the kitchen and instructs her to take off her clothes. When she has her victim naked, Jasmine makes her lie on the floor and then proceeds to tie her up and gag her. Jasmine then takes photos with her phone and tells Jessica to stay put while she sends them to her buyer, telling her about what she will be buying with the proceeds when she gets paid. (Jasmine performs all of the tying on-screen, demonstrating how far she has come. She plays the antagonist well).

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 420.4 MB
Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James
Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James: F2P - Your Greatest Fan
F2P - Your Greatest Fan (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 02 seconds
Jasmine has broken into the home of her acting idol Vonka Romanov, waiting for the woman to arrive home. As she walks in the door, Vonka is startled to find the girl waiting for her, gushing about how she is Vonka's greatest fan. Realizing this girl might have a few screws loose, Vonka does everything she can to coax Jasmine out of the house. Realizing what Vonka is trying to do, Jasmine starts to show her true colors and threatens Vonka, ordering her to take off her clothes, or else. Frightened now, Vonka complies, and looks on in horror as Jasmine undresses down to her lingerie and puts on Vonka's discarded clothes. Jasmine then forces her idol to continue stripping until she is naked, then makes her place her wrists in some handcuffs she has suspended from the ceiling. Now helpless in the presence of this crazy girl, Vonka's composure finally cracks.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 782.5 MB
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James: F2P - The Numbers Don't Lie
F2P - The Numbers Don't Lie (MP4)
Time: 15 minutes 53 second
Office manager Jasmine has asked to see Cadence, an employee just coming to the end of her three-month probation period with the company. Jasmine wants to tell her face to face that her performance is not adequate, that she is sometimes late and leaves early, and in no way indicates her dedication to her position. There is no choice but to let Cadence go. Suddenly in a panic now, Cadence begins to plead with her boss, promising to improve her performance and offering to do anything to save her job. Jasmine latches on to the word "anything". She asks Cadence if she would be willing to take off her clothes, right there and then, to keep her job. Cadence is a little flabbergasted by the suggestion, but given what is at stake, she agrees to do whatever it takes. When she gets down to her bra and panties, Jasmine tells her to keep going. Even more disconcerting is when Jasmine wants to examine the girl's breasts, saying that she is considering a boob job and asking what size Cadence's breasts are. The interview is far from over it seems, because Jasmine is unwilling to allow Cadence to leave, not yet.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 700.5 MB)

Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: F2P - Compelled To Comply
F2P - Compelled To Comply (MP4)
Time: 15 minutes 53 second
In this movie, Jasmine is forced to do as she is told but she does not get fully naked. She is a non-nude model.

Jasmine represents the board of a cosmetics company, and as a courtesy she has come to see Dave, one of their perfume developers, at home. Sales of his products have fallen off and she needs to impart the bad news that they will need to terminate his contract. Dave insists that his latest creation is much better, but when Jasmine persists in her attempts to fire him, he asks her to sample his latest creation. Reluctantly, Jasmine sniffs the new perfume and at first doesn't feel anything odd. When she is told to remove her jacket, however, she is astonished to find herself doing so. She demands to know what is going on as Dave tells her to unzip her dress and take it off. Jasmine asserts that she would never do such a thing, but then finds herself doing exactly as she is told. She can't believe it when Dave makes her kneel down in just her bra and panties and place her hands on her head. Her indignity continues as Dave makes her lie down on the floor, then hands her a pair of cuffs and tells her to lock them around her wrists.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 548.0 MB)
Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: F2P - Taking Control Of The Nurse
F2P - Taking Control Of The Nurse (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 55 seconds
Nurse Jasmine is being interviewed for the position of a home nurse, responsible for visiting and attending to patients unable to leave their home. When the interviewer asks her to administer saline to herself, she is a little surprised by acquiesces. After all, she really wants this job. However, it turns out that the solution did not contain only saline, but something else too, something which seized control of her mind, removing her free will, albeit temporarily. While Jasmine is under control, he makes her remove her uniform and walk around in her bra and panties, forcing her to do exactly what he says... until the solution starts to wear off and Jasmine is startled to find herself in nothing but her underwear. (Full teaser, some of which cannot be shown on Clips4Sale). No nudity.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 458.5 MB)
Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James
Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James: F2P - Boyfriend Thief
F2P - Boyfriend Thief (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 54 seconds
Hannah has made a terrible mistake. She has rested with Jasmine's boyfriend and Jasmine is absolutely furious about it. She has grabbed Hannah and driven her to her home. The clip opens with Jasmine pulling Hannah from the back of her car, wrists zip-tied and duct tape stuck over her mouth to keep her quiet. Jasmine marches her captive indoors and cuts away the zip tie, then orders Hannah to undress. When Hannah takes off her top, Jasmine instructs her to put it back on and take it off the way she did for her boyfriend. Hannah is terrified of her angry captor and does her best to follow her instructions, however bizarre. Finally, Hannah is completely naked. Jasmine zip ties her wrists and ankles, then connects them with a third zip tie, leaving Hannah very uncomfortable. Jasmine then starts to torment the girl, not least with a little game of Russian Roulette.

(1280x720 pixels - MP4: 830.4 MB)

Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James
Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James: F2P - Locked Out
F2P - Locked Out (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 56 seconds
Jasmine is showing Hannah around her new house, and leads her out onto the back deck to admire the view. Hannah says it is great but it's a pity a pity about the busy road so nearby. Hannah hears a door slam, and when she turned she finds herself alone. Jasmine is inside the house looking out at her. It transpires that Hannah has been a bad girl with Jasmine's boyfriend, and jasmine's way to get back at her is to keep her locked out on the deck until she strips off all her clothes in full view of passing drivers. Hannah naturally refuses, but it soon becomes clear that Jasmine is absolutely serious. Seeing no other way out of her predicament (the deck is elevated and too high to jump down from), Hannah finally concedes. As she loses more and more items and clothing, she grows more anxious that she will get into trouble for indecent exposure, but Jasmine will not relent. When Hannah is naked at last, she believes Jasmine will let her back in the house. Jasmine does indeed open the door, but only to grab Hannah's clothes to stop her re-dressing. She pushes the naked girl back when she tries to get inside and again locks the door. Things get even worse for Hannah when she sees Jasmine with a cell phone in her hand, taking pictures.

(1280x720 pixels - MP4: 420.6 MB)

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