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Forced2Please: Kate Winters
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Kate Winters
Kate Winters: F2P - Too Much Tax
F2P - Too Much Tax (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 58 seconds
Kate Winters is a tax inspector who is paying a courtesy call on small business owner Dave, telling him that he has had all the time that can be afforded him to pay his taxes, and if he doesn't pay up then his debt will be sent to collections. Dave argues that his business is only a year old and he needs to reinvest the money, not give it to the IRS. Kate remains adamant, and after some further argument, Dave apparently agrees to make the payment. When he goes to a drawer to retrieve what Kate assumes is a check, she herself looking smug because she thinks she has dealt with this troublesome character, what he in fact produces gives her serious cause for concern. Now that he has the upper hand, albeit forcibly, he decides to humiliate this arrogant tax inspector by forcing her to take off her clothes. Kate can't believe this is really happening and refuses, but Dave's method of coercion is not to be denied. Finally, both annoyed and clearly embarrassed, Kate undresses herself in front of this man. He makes her keep going until she is naked. Kate does her best to cover her more private areas using arms and hands, so Dave decides to put a stop to that by cuffing her wrists behind her back. He then positions her in front of the window and makes her just stand there, while Kate continues trying to reason with him. Alas, she is no longer in a very strong bargaining position. She tries to get him to release her by promising to pay his debt herself, saying she will do anything. When Dave suggests he might come over and grope her boobs, she realizes how hopeless her situation really is.

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Kate Winters
Kate Winters: F2P - Start Up
F2P - Start Up (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 36 seconds
Kate has been concocting plans to establish and operate a small business at home, but because she is renting the property she needs the written approval of the house owner, her landlord, before she can set things in motion. When asked about the nature of the business, she explains she wants to run an Internet store from her loft. The landlord seems reluctant to let her do this and she is forced to plead with him to sign the paperwork, saying this is something she really wants to pursue. Finally, the man grudgingly agrees, on one condition - that Kate is willing to strip off in front of him and let him see her naked. She laughs, thinking this must be a silly joke, but it soon becomes clear that her landlord is totally serious.Her immediate reaction is to refuse, but when her hands back the paperwork unsigned, Kate realizes that if she wants this venture to even get off the ground, she will have to do what this old pervert wants.

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Kate Winters
Kate Winters: F2P - The Lousy Lawyer
F2P - The Lousy Lawyer (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 33 seconds
Jones has spent two years in prison for fraud, even though he was innocent of the crime. He was put away because his defense lawyer, Kate, did almost nothing to help him, and he suspects that she was on the take. He has had a long time to plot his revenge. When he arrives at her house, she opens the door and recognizes him, even going so far as to ask how he is. Jones forces her back into the house while she demands an explanation for his shocking conduct. Kate insists that she did her job to the best of her ability, but Jones does not believe her, and tells her that she is going to pay for what she did to him. He orders her to undress. The lawyer can't believe what she is hearing, but when threatened further, she realizes she doesn't have a choice. She starts to take her clothes off as slowly as she dare, stalling and trying to reason with this incensed man, but he remains adamant that his time inside was her fault. He forces her to remove each item of clothing until she is standing there completely naked, embarrassed, humiliated. She tries to offer him money to compensate him for the loss of his job and reputation. He accepts, but when she asks, "Can I please put my clothes back on now?" she receives a resounding "no" for an answer, and must just stand there naked in front of him until Jones releases her from her torment.

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