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Forced2Please: Syenite
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Made2Please: Syenite

Vonka Romanov & Syenite
Vonka Romanov & Syenite: M2P - A Question Of Loyalty
M2P - A Question Of Loyalty
Time: 10 minutes 45 seconds
Vonka and Syenite are part of an organization smuggling precious stones, and lately, certain consignments have been coming up light. The boss's right-hand man has suggested that it only happens when these particular girls are involved, so the boss pays an unexpected visit to their home, waiting for them to return. When they walk in, he confronts them about the problem of gems going missing. The girls both deny any involvement, but the boss didn't get where he is by trusting people. He orders the girls to take off their clothes and allow him to inspect them, just to see if they might have any of the missing gems taped to their skin in discrete places. Realizing what may happen to them if they don't comply, the girls start to undress.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 502.4 MB
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Syenite: M2P -  Lost And Alone
M2P - Lost And Alone
Time: 9 minutes 54 seconds
Syenite is completely lost. Her GPS is giving her nonsense data and she has no idea where she is. Even her phone is not getting a signal. She has no choice but to stop at some remote property and ask the man tending his garden for help. All she wants is the use of a working phone, but realizing the predicament she is in, the man decides to try his luck, suggesting that Syenite should strip for him in exchange for using his phone. Naturally, her first reaction is to refuse this absurd request, but when the man points out that she won't find her way out of the area without him, she has no choice other than to start undressing. Watched by this perverted man as she removes her clothes, one item at a time, Syenite is finally naked and asks for the use of the phone. The man says it's a land line and its inside the house, so she will need to come with him. Reluctantly, Syenite gets out of her car, making a vain attempt to cover herself as she walks towards the front door of the man's house.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 463.0 MB
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Syenite & Vonka Romanov
Syenite & Vonka Romanov: M2P -  Vote For Me
M2P - Vote For Me
Time: 16 minutes 07 seconds
Syenite is trying to get herself elected Major and is on the campaign trail drumming up support. She calls at a remote house where no one appears to be in, but she decides to check the back of the property before moving on. There, she finds the resident, Vonka, who is skeptical about Syenite's role in the community. She asks if the woman would actually be representing her and people in her profession, that of a sex worker, and is not convinced by the answers she receives. Finally, Vonka hits upon the idea that if Syenite is willing to strip off and stand before her naked, she will consider that proof that she cares about constituents employed in an adult profession. Syenite is very reluctant to take such drastic steps, but when Vonka points out that she has a large following who can definitely help get her elected, she agrees to undress. Anxious to move things along, Vonka offers her a little help with her clothes, and soon Syenite is completely naked and looking more than a little embarrassed. She is mortified when Vonka starts taking photos which she says she will post for her followers to see. Perhaps this was not such a good idea after all.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 756.7 MB
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Syenite & Vonka Romanov
Syenite & Vonka Romanov: F2P - You Can Undress Each Other
F2P - You Can Undress Each Other
Time: 12 minutes 20 seconds
Syenite and Vonka have just arrived home and encounter an intruder. This intruder seems to show up in the homes of a lot of women, and it always ends the same way - he makes them remove their clothes. This time, since there are two of them, he makes them undress each other. He makes this demand on the flimsiest of contexts, but any excuse will do when you want to watch a woman removing her clothes because she must. A further advantage is that the embarrassment is doubled with two of them.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 575.3 MB
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Syenite & Vonka Romanov
Syenite & Vonka Romanov: F2P - The Evidence Speaks For Itself
F2P - The Evidence Speaks For Itself
Time: 11 minutes 10 seconds
Vonka is a private detective hired by Syenite's husband to find out if she has been having an affair. She has, it turns out, but rather than report this to her client, Vonka offers Syenite a choice - she can either strip in front of Vonka, or have the evidence sent to her husband. Syenite counters that Vonka will probably give the evidence to her husband anyway, so why should she yield to blackmail? Vonka says she can report finding nothing and still get paid for her services, and all Syenite needs to do is undress, or perhaps let Vonka undress her. Syenite squirms in discomfort at the thought, but she is tempted because it means that her affair could then continue without her husband finding out, provided Vonka keeps to her word.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 522.3 MB
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