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Forced2Please: Tara
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Forced2Please: Tara

Tara & Constance
Tara & Constance: F2P - The Office Thief
F2P - The Office Thief (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 12 seconds
Tara has been called into Constance's office and accused of intellectual theft, selling secrets to a rival company. Tara denies this but Constance says her actions have been captured on CCTV. She orders Tara to strip, convinced that the girl is carrying a flash drive containing the latest batch of confidential files she is preparing to sell. Tara resists, but when Constance threatens to call the police she relents. As she strips, it becomes clear that the missing flash drive is hidden in her panties. Constance takes it and tells Tara she is going to put her in tuff cuffs and march her through the outer office naked before calling in the police to arrest her. Tara calls her boss a bitch and threatens to get back at her for this. Later in the day, after the police have released Tara owing to compromised evidence, Tara bursts into Constance's office and she is armed. She want revenge for the way her ex-boss humiliated her and now she plans to do the same to her. After retrieving the flash drive and concealing on her person once more, Tara forces a frightened Constance to remove all her clothes, then secures her wrists in plastic cuffs and makes her march through the office naked.

1280x720 pixels - MP4: 702.9 MB
Tara: F2P - Late With Her Rent
F2P - Late With Her Rent (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 53 seconds
Tara has come to talk to her landlord because she is three months behind with her rent and can't find a job. She offers her services as a domestic to help reduce the debt she owes, but her landlord is not interested in that kind of help. He warns her that he will evict her unless she does what he says. Tara, who has nowhere else to go, has no choice but to go along with whatever the man wants. He orders her to start taking off her clothes, first her jacket, then her dress, then after making her do some turns so that he can look at her butt, he makes her remove her pantyhose, bra and panties. He then rises from his chair and begins feeling her breasts, holding her nipples between this and forefinger. He gropes her stomach and thighs, then squeezes both cheeks of her butt. Tara is distressed but has no choice but to let him have his way otherwise she knows she will end up out on the street. Finally, her landlord sits back down and orders Tara to feel her own breasts. At last, he is satisfied and say he's looking forward to her next visit. Tara, anxious to get away, does not even bother to put her clothes back on and runs from the house stark naked.

1280x720 - MP4: 871.6 MB
Tara: F2P - Snooty Shop Girl
F2P - Snooty Shop Girl (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 26 seconds
Tara works in a department store in the perfume section, and like most of the women who occupy these positions, she has a superior attitude and sneers at people who don't look as if they can afford the prices. When two rough looking men in baggy shorts start perusing her wares, she becomes irate and tells them to leave. Arriving home after a long, tiring day, she is startled to have the same two men walk into her home and begin accosting her. They didn't like the way she tried to humiliate them in public, so now they have come to humiliate her in private. This humiliation takes the form of having these retards remove her clothes for her, cutting them off and tearing them off until the poor woman is stark naked and thoroughly embarrassed. They now have just one problem - the moment they leave, Tara will call the cops. To delay that happening, they decide to take her down to her basement to see if there is some place they can lock her in while they get well away from her house. To their amusement and surprise, they find a bed with restraints attached. It seems the snoopy shop girls likes to indulge in bondage in her spare time. Happy to oblique her, the two men chain her naked body to the bed. They are about to leave when one of them has the idea of finding out if she is ticklish. This begins another chapter in Tara's discomfort and humiliation.

1920x1080 - MP4: 439.0 MB

Tara: F2P - Mannequin
F2P - Mannequin (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 13 seconds
Tara's car has broken down and she is not getting any cellphone reception, so she goes to a nearby house to ask if she can use a phone. The man who greets her seems friendly and helpful, inviting her in to his living room and leaving her there while he ostensibly goes to get her a phone. Tara is quite relaxed and not on her guard, so she does not expect the man to sneak up behind her and grab her, then inject her in the neck with something he later refers to as "his new formula". Tara tries to fight the effects but in a matter of seconds she is paralyzed. The little man circles her with delight, feeling her breasts and stroking her hair. He decides to undress her and manages to work off her jacket and sweater, and then her bra. Now he is really getting excited. He sits the frozen Tara on the floor to remove her boots, then stands her back up so that he can take off her skirt, her tights and finally her panties. He plans to dress Tara in different outfits, but for the moment, he decides to place his naked mannequin on his front porch while he goes to get some new clothes for her.

1920x1080 - MP4: 394.0 MB
Tara & Autumn Bodell
Tara & Autumn Bodell: F2P - Take Off All Your Clothes
F2P - Take Off All Your Clothes (MP4)
Time: 27 minutes 49 seconds
Tara has just got home from work and sits down to relax, unaware that Autumn, an intruder who wants her work clothes, is creeping up behind her. Autumn clamps a hand over Tara's mouth and warns her not to give her any trouble. She makes Tara kneel down on the floor and tells her to undress, her jacket, boots, dress, even her underwear. Autumn refuses to explain exactly why she wants Tara's clothes as she places her poor helpless victim in a hogtie, then cleave gags and blindfolds her. Autumn gathers up all Tara's clothes and departs the house, leaving Tara bound on the floor. Tara works frantically on the ropes binding her and by chance is able to make some early progress. It's just as well because, outside, Autumn realizes she has locked her keys inside her vehicle, and after trying to find a way in for a minute, she returns to the house. Tara has managed to wriggle free and conceals herself so that, as Autumn passes, she is able to disarm the woman and hold her up. Tara does the same thing to Autumn for payback, making her take off all her clothes and placing her in a hogtie. She gags Autumn and is about to dress in her own clothes when a masked man enters the room and stops her. He is Autumn's accomplice, but he is so disgusted with his partner's failure to achieve this simple job that he decides to leave her bound and gagged. He ties Tara beside Autumn and gags her, then takes the clothes he needs for a heist on Tara's workplace (now he will have to find someone else to pose as a female employee) and leaves the two women to struggle.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,288.9 MB)
Tara: F2P - Carjacking
F2P - Carjacking (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 40 seconds
Tara has stopped into a response to a man flagging her down who appears to be in trouble. He tells her his car has broken down and asks if she has an jumper cables. Tara climbs out of her car to go the the trunk to retrieve them when the man pulls a piece on her and tells her to hold still. He says his car really has broken down, but rather than try to get it started again, he plans to take Tara's. Before he leaves her on the roadside, however, he wants to have a little fun with her and orders her to strip off all her clothes. Tara seems a little stunned, as if she might have misheard him, but the man soon reinforces his demands and Tara beings undressing. Even when she is naked, the man won't leave her alone; he makes her stand with her hands on the roof of her car and makes her arch her back. Having had his fun, he climbs into Tara's car and drives away without giving her back her clothes. Stranded on the roadside naked, Tara has no idea what to do next.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 295.2 MB)

Tara: F2P - Tara's Not Paying Her Rent Again
F2P - Tara's Not Paying Her Rent Again (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 39 seconds
This is not the first landlord Tara has tried to stiff by not paying her rent for three months. Alas, her current landlord has found out about her past misdeeds and is not prepared to cut her any more slack. When Tara insists that she does not have enough money to cover her rent, her landlord tells her that if she doesn't want to be evicted, she had better strip off for him and let him see her without clothes. Tara has been here before and really doesn't want to have to do this again, but the prospect of being out on the street is so much worse. Little by little, she removes her clothes, encouraged each step of the way by her landlord. When she is finally naked, he decides to do a little more than just look; he starts to feel her breasts and her butt, just to make sure he is getting his money's worth.

(1920x1080 pixels - bitrate: 6 Mbps - MP4: 447.6 MB)
Tara: F2P - You Need My Permission
F2P - You Need My Permission (WMV & MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 39 seconds
Tara has been running a small business from home which is helping her to pay her rent. Unfortunately, her landlord has just found out about it and is a little put out that she did not ask his permission, something which is legally required. Tara apologizes and asks him not to make her stop. He says he will allow her to continue and give her written consent provided she does something for him: He wants her to take off her clothes right there and then, in front of him. Tara is reluctant, stating that she does not think this is a good idea, but it's either that or her business will have to be closed, and she'll be back to struggling to pay her rent. She stands, removes her sweater, and then at her landlord's urging, she begins to pull down her skirt.

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 296.9 MB; MP4: 295.1 MB)
Tara: F2P - Can You Help Me?
F2P - Can You Help Me? (WMV & MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 54 seconds
Tara has taken a wrong turn and pulls up next to a house. There is a guy in the garden, so she calls out to see if he can help her with directions. He seems friendly enough, at least until he determines that she is traveling alone. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worst for Tara. The guy forces her to take off her clothes, and threatened by his behavior, she has no choice but to comply. When she is naked, he makes her get out of the car. He walks her to a garden seat and sits beside her, cuddling her. Tara squirms as much as she dare, desperate to get away. When at last the guy says she can leave, Tara runs to her car, climbs in, scrambles around looking for the keys, then remembers that the guy took them from her.

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 307.0 MB; MP4: 303.7 MB)

Tara: F2P - I Need To Borrow Your Car
F2P - I Need To Borrow Your Car (WMV & MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 40 seconds
Having crashed her car the week before in a rain storm (which she almost did for real), Tara goes to a friend and asks to borrow his car so that she can buy some groceries. This is not the first time Tara has made the request, and her friend is not impressed with her safety record. When it looks like he might refuse, Tara begins pleading with him, and finally he agrees, but only on the condition that she gets naked for him. Tara is surprised, hardly able to believe that he would say something like that. It quickly becomes apparent that he is not joking, and faced with no alternative, Tara reluctantly agrees to take off her clothes in front of him. He stops her hurrying through this embarrassing process and instructions her what to take off, and when. He makes her turn around several times so that he gets a good view of her butt as she strips. When it finally comes down to the panties, Tara makes a bid to stop there, and her friend says, "Oh, so you're walking then?" Tara removes her panties, and jumps when her friend again makes her turn and touching the cheek of her bottom. Allowing him to do this is, it seems, the only way she will get the loan of his car.

(1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps - WMV: 307.0 MB; MP4: 303.7 MB)
Tara: F2P - Tara's Behind With Her Rent Again
F2P - Tara's Behind With Her Rent Again (WMV & MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 07 seconds
Not for the first time, Tara has lost her job and fallen behind with her rent. She had the same problem with her previous landlord Seph (in "Late With Her Rent"). He and her new landlord are acquainted, so when Tara says she cannot pay, he proposes the same solution as Seph, that Tara take off her clothes in front of him. Tara is embarrassed that Seph told the man about this, and because she did it for him, she fells she has now choice but to do the same for her new landlord. This one is not content with wanting her to strip, however; this one wants her to do some housework as well, while naked. Tara is appalled when she realizes the man has been recording her stripping, and warns her that if she doesn't come up with her rent soon, he may be forced to use the video to recover his money.

(Resolution: 1280x720 pixels - WMV: 486.4 MB - MP4: 408.5 MB)
WMV: $4.99

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